WTS - 2 x Gravid Fed Navy Abyssal Webs 15.6km & 15.95km!



No idea how much these are worth.

Shoot me some offers.

They ain’t worth ■■■■ stop posting this crap pal

Thanks for the free bump

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will offer 100mil for one. :smiley:


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250m for both

still for sale

400MIL for both?


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they have bit more webing power and just bit more range than top faction webs, i would say 200-400 per one, it could be possible to sell it for more but you will be waiting for long time. I would do 200-250 and 300-350

p.s any abyssal craps which dont reach more than 2b+ isnt worth posting on forums. Personal opinion.


these are trash

Thanks for the free bump

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