Abyssal webs too strong

Look again SS webs are 70%

I shouldn’t have to make a statement that exceedingly borderline and fringe examples do not negate an established rule or general understanding.

Just looked, tooltip says 60%.

Then it changed at some point. Still eve wasn’t broken b4 it won’t break after

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I seem to remember 65% for some reason as well, sometimes I feel things just change without patch note’s like some how all of a sudden heavy assault’s where one day doing more dps lol…

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What i do know is to get this magic web you need to

Be in one of three ships

Roll a max vel bonus

Roll every other stat well enough that you can actually fit and operate the thing.

I mean I’m normally the loudest person screaming about any drastic change to the game and even i can recognize that if ccp added these as mods or implants the only thing ppl would be complaining about is market clutter

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It technically would be impossible to place these modules on the market as there is too many variable combination’s of stat’s it would have to be contract only and good luck sorting through all those contracts… I have a feeling it would become “soulbound”.

… i think you missed the point lol

No I usually just sidestep the point and go on a tangent xD don’t mind me I’m not the one complaining about the 0.0000001% chance of running into a daredevil with a 99% web costing 5bil that I’d probably love having a chance to shoot at.

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I mean the real problem we sold be up in arms about is that kill mails won’t be able to reflect that loss accurately when he dies


That too yea, seems really messy cost wise, it’s probably one of the thing’s I hate most about games like path of exile. The random stat’s for play-ability is great because you can always risk more but trying to buy or sell these modules is going to be a pain in the ass because its going to have 20000 different value’s, meh.

I think CCP would implement this better if each of these modules had 3 state’s rather with set stat’s and value’s and the random roll would upgrade it to 1 of these 3 state’s.

They won’t be hard to sell between alliance/ blues and high end ones will be sold in forums

Hope so, but I doubt it. Many people are going to get scammed out of a few billion isk module thinking its only worth a few hundred mil.

Well that’s nothing new in eve.

While youre all worried about webs Im thinking of large blasters with a 2sec tate of fire.

well keep thinking because you can’t modify weapons…

the real scry thing is going to be that you can still be pointed after an MJD

I CAN DREAM CANT I?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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i mean think about that. they couldn’t be grouped they would all have different damages rof and the big kicker range. they would not be worth it

Id stick two of them on my vindi with the 99% web.

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Not yet.

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