How do +66% webs work with serp ships?

so if you go over 66.66% on serp ships do the bonuses just cap out meaning there is no point going past that?

Wait. Does this mean mutaplasmids can affect the effectivity of webs? :cripes: That is so strong…

they then get 99%, not more. if it gets above 100, the ship would then start moving backwards

you do realize we used to have 70% base webs right? they were not all that broken. and they did have the risk of impossible fittings.

lol yeah that’s what i was asking. so they cap at 99% not 99.99 or 100?

No actually I did not know that.

We used to have 90% web’s for everyone lol was brutal thou

got a 97% web on my Victor at 29km, i heard u like Balance xD

What would that change in practice ? I mean, when a serpentis ship webs you, can going at 10% speed instead of 1% really save your life ? Or better : did any ship ever escaped from the claws of a serpentis web ? I’d like to hear such a story.

But I think in practice this bonus will have more effect on other ships. Like in some cases the 6% difference can allow one to get range control over the other. More common is the benefit to damage application.

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