NPC structure bashers

Again, not providing an explanation to why i’m clueless?

I agree with you on point A, but your point B doesn’t consider how the hired NPC’s will work. With a defensive fleet, it won’t really matter how many NPC’s an individual sends, the attacking NPC’s can easily be destroyed by a defensive fleet unsupported.

Sorry, I forgot to break down everything bit by bit for you. If they were to be sold by NPC’s, then

If you still don’t understand, the tl;dr is that if fireworks were sold by NPC’s now they don’t provide that much of an isk sink

Edit: Bolded the if in case you miss it

so wait

your brilliant idea is these things are essentially useless to the large groups bashing a structure you want them to be priced around but to expensive for small groups and individuals.

you not seeing why adding a system to circumvent player interaction is a problem. you thinking that this is some how

A. justifiable because “isk sink”

B. that it will be useful enough to be an isk sink and be a competitive option to hiring mercs but at the same time won’t be useable by small groups because they will need “support”

and that’s just from the past couple posts

Why will it be useless for large groups? Yes, they can bash structures but large groups like Horde and Goons have hundreds of raitarus and astrahus that are empty and unfitted around gates. If Horde hires thousands of NPCs to kill off some Goon citadels, Goons can either pay NPCs to defend, or more likely they won’t bother doing anything and just plop down more citadels when they lose some.

This appeared quite a bit on Reddit too. To reiterate, is it really player interaction if people spend 20-30 mins 2-3 times across a few days listening to FC tell a story and watching guns cycle?

I don’t need to justify anything with the term isk sink, it’s the whole reason the thread was even created.

Also small groups will easily be able to hire NPCs to kill undefended structures, as long as they have the funding. Large groups will also only be able to use NPC’s to feasibly kill undefended structures without support. I know from experience a citadel gunner chucking bombs at a fleet with logi will annihilate the entire fleet, and before void bombs were nerfed even fleets with logi occasionally lost a couple of attackers

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omg you’re right. these will probably be used a bunch by large groups. in order to crash a node to defend their structure. good catch

yes, actually that is players interacting. you’re learning. there is also all of the interaction leading to preceding and surrounding the event.

GOD you are thick and not in the good way

so… so dumb. like my god levels.

add a new fire work make all fancy smancy like the one they just added. make only available via an NPC sold BPC. still not a good idea just infinitely better than yours

Please read my entire post before being ignorant

If you like bashing, then I guess i can’t really argue against you. Maybe there’s people out there that like that kind of stuff.

Again, Looking at the recent Crimson Scythe fireworks, they peaked at around 12k units/day (@15m each) for a day, and dropped to around 3k units/day (@almost 40k each) on average recently. At it’s peak, It took 180b from the players, and now it’s taking about 120m/day. If we’re comparing that to isk fountains, taken from, in a mere month the net isk production was +35 trillion. We desperately need an isk sink that can combat this problem, and fireworks just arn’t cutting it.
tl;dr fireworks don’t get traded in high enough volumes to create a feasible isk sink

Ok, Collaterized loan 5% rate 15b <- on this thread you called out someone for scamming when enorn stated that the assets were worth 15b as collateral.

On my other thread Abyssal webs too strong, you ignorantly stated that 70% velocity webs existed even though they don’t.

I don’t like personally attacking people, but looking through your recent replies you’ve been ignorantly calling people out without evidence to support your claims.

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that didn’t in any way contradict my post…

it’s not a good idea… just infinitely better than yours

yeah see but i did provide evidence in the abyssal thread sooo…

I reread what you wrote, and you’re right. Sorry about that. A solution for this could be to cap the number of NPC’s at a specific number to not crash a node.

You never explained why NPC citadel bashers are a bad idea, please elaborate

But the evidence was wrong.
In case you don’t understand ignorance

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yes and later in the thread i acknowledged that it was wrong and pointed out the initial point still held

Point taken.

Still no response on this though, would love to continue deliberating :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes i did… repeatedly.

what makes eve different is that players have to do just about everything ccp has managed to make mechanically viable from the exciting to the tedious.

True, eve is a sandbox. But if CCP ever implements this idea it just opens up another possible isk sink, does it not? And as long as the people who bash citadels arn’t affected because the NPC prices are higher, then it doesn’t really change much, apart from cleaning up citadels and getting rid of isk

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why not rentable mining fleets i’m sure they would be way more popular

That’s actually a good idea, and it also gives ore which further helps combat inflation. Maybe make it so that you don’t get any ore from them, but rather to disrupt other coalitions’ mining operations or just to piss off highsec miners. And pay out up front a set amount of isk for every (x)m^3 that is to be harvested. They can be killed, but players can pay even more isk to hire a support fleet to help defend the NPC miners. If you don’t start a thread about it I will :slight_smile:

For the same reason why…

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Start several accounts. Sub them with plex.

There you go. As many minions as you can afford.

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There are already NPC mining fleets


Not working for or against players.

One could argue otherwise. I find the NPC mining fleets an insult to the sandbox.

Likewise. But everyone wanted them cause they would be ‘cool’ and ‘immersive’. (and then players started whining when they found out they actually depleted rocks!)

Trouble with using npc ai to make the game feel more alive and immersive is that npc ai is very bad at pretending to be players. It’s the opposite of immersive.