NPC structure bashers

What if we could hire NPC’s to do structure bashing/helping out with structure bashes for us?

Maybe with the correct standings, we can hire NPC ships with isk to either kill structures/help out with killing structures, or help defend against other NPC bashes.

The cost of the NPC’s will be dependent on sec status, stage of reinforcement and citadel type.

The NPC’s will not have logi, nor can they be repaired and they will continue shooting at the structure until it goes into reinforcement or they all are wiped out. They can only attack other NPC’s or the structure, and cannot shoot players

On the flip side, a defender can hire other NPC’s that shoot NPC attackers for a similar or lower cost.

By hiring NPC’s for isk, it provides a huge possible isk sink as well as a possible solution to citadel spam

Also, against unguarded citadels we won’t have to wait weeks to log on and bash an empty structure, and if the NPC’s damage is set low enough it won’t have much of an impact on large battles for important timers.

Thoughts, insights and trolls all accepted

Edit: This is mainly to provide another isk sink, it’s not another hate thread against citadel timers

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As an example, you can hire say 10 Caldari navy battleships @50m each to take down the shields on an undefended, unmanned astrahus in lowsec, another 10 battleships @75m each for the armour and finally another 10 battleships @100m each for the hull.

Numbers can be changed for balance, but either way an isk sink is created and unguarded and unmanned empty citadels are cleared.

On the flip side, if someone wanted to defend against this they could hire maybe 5 Caldari navy battleships @ 50m each (dependant on reinforcement level still) to wipe out the 10 unsupported attackers.

Attackers and defenders can both use NPC’s to their advantage when bashing a citadel, but the NPC’s won’t shoot players. That way it won’t be whoever hires more NPC’s wins the fight.


i’ma stop you right there

NPCs should never do what can be done by players

go hire players


I know there’s player groups who kill citadels out there, but by paying a player group isk, the isk stays in the system. If we paid npc groups instead then it would provide an isk sink rather than continue to allow the isk to circulate

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oh well if that’s your reasoning lets remove industry and loot drops. that way anything you buy on the market is just an isk sink and doesn’t circulate

Hitting the market closes down mining, exploration, indy/reactions, PI and selling loot from ships. That’s 5 main sources of income that arn’t isk fountains that you’re closing down. Paying for NPC’s to do work only creates an isk sink that doesn’t affect other ways that people use to make isk

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beginning to think you just don’t want to go through the effort to find players to pay or you don’t want to pay what the ones you found are charging and are just reaching for something to justify it

I don’t really care about the citadels, it’s a bonus if they’re killed. I just want more isk sinks to be created. TBH it would be better if ccp made bounty payments and sleeper loot 1/10th what they are now, but there would be lots of people crying in outrage because their ticks are lowered.
I bolded a few keywords in my original post because everyone seems to misunderstand my intent

you do realize the majority of isk from sleepers does not come from NPCs right?

you want isk sinks? that’s fine. figure out a way that doesn’t involve NPCs doing the jobs of players.

here is an infinitely better one add firework BPCs sold by npcs

You ignored the bounty payments part, which is the largest isk fountain in eve. Fireworks are great, but they don’t cost a lot because they’re ammo and they’re purely aesthetic.

Edit: I bolded the bounty payments part since you missed it the first time

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they don’t cost a lot because there is a ■■■■ ton of them… and these would literally be priced at what ever ccp put them at. also it doesn’t cause NPCs to do player jobs NPCs need to do less in eve not more

and no i didn’t miss anything i was only talking about the sleeper part.

Exactly, they arn’t a good isk sink.

A lot of nullsec groups would want something that saves them from bashing citadels though, and as such would probably pay for the NPC’s which provides an isk sink. I doubt a single player would bother paying high prices to remove citadels, but big nullsec alliances have much more than enough from ratting taxes. By taking away isk from nullsec alliances, individuals’ isk value increases and therefore we as individuals have more isk to spend

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Forget structures. I want to hire an NPC gank fleet.

you’re reading comp sucks or you’re getting desperate

you’re either being knowingly dishonest or you have no idea what you are talking about.

I bolded what you said, you even agreed that they won’t sell for much. If they’re not selling for much, that means they’re not getting rid of a lot of isk, which means that they’re not a good isk sink. You’re not really explaining how i’m desperate.

Maybe you’re misunderstanding me. I can explain what you didn’t think of. I said that no single player would pay high prices, i meant to NPC’s. If the npc’s charged more than highsec groups like wrecking machine, then nobody would pay NPC’s over highsec citadel bashers. But in nullsec, there arn’t any groups i can name that bash citadels for payment. By introducing NPC’s that bash citadels that cost more than player run bashing groups, first and most importantly a isk sink is created and takes isk away from large alliances. Second, only large alliances would bother paying a large sum, mostly because they’re the ones that can afford to. A solo player wouldn’t have much of a reason to hire NPC’s, and it is unlikely they would even have the funding to do so.

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except… there are. my buddies corps entire existence is dedicated to structure bashing in null for his alliance. they bash structures and in return they not only get full SRP but commission on the kills

there are fireworks that cost over 15mill per firework all ready in the game. and you did bold that part good for you. your comprehension failed at what came after

starting to think you know very little about eve

Ok, so if the NPC’s cost more than what your buddy’s corp charges it’s fine right?

Exactly, there already are fireworks in the game but they’re not providing much of an isk sink. Looking at the recent Crimson Scythe fireworks, they peaked at around 12k units/day (@15m each) for a day, and dropped to around 3k units/day (@almost 40k each) on average recently. At it’s peak, It took 180b from the players, and now it’s taking about 120m/day. If we’re comparing that to isk fountains, taken from, in a mere month the net isk production was +35 trillion. We desperately need an isk sink that can combat this problem, and fireworks just arn’t cutting it.

Without providing reasoning, I have no idea what you mean. In contrary, it appears you are being ignorant and

no ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ Sherlock they are not sold by NPCs

no, how are you this clueless about the game

A. there are probably more individual players in eve that have over 100b than there are individual corps that can boast that

B. individual players tend to hold grudges way longer than corps/alliances

Again, not providing an explanation to why i’m clueless?

I agree with you on point A, but your point B doesn’t consider how the hired NPC’s will work. With a defensive fleet, it won’t really matter how many NPC’s an individual sends, the attacking NPC’s can easily be destroyed by a defensive fleet unsupported.