Most Annoying tackle fit ever?

If you are flying a ship thats only job is to be incredibly annoying before the rest of the gang gets to where you are, what ship/fit do you do? No dps, just web/scram/NOS/neut/ecm so they struggle to even do anything.

Just for a hypothetical.


Sabre. Hands down.

I was wondering if a Mauler Navy Issue with Scram, Web, NOS/Neut and a flight of ECM drones would be annoying enough.

Or is it too slow unless you are trying to incapacitate a bigger ship?

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A Mallus Navy Issue can work… but interceptors have the ability to be REALLY fast and have a bonus that lowers their sig radius (see: sensor footprint) when using a Microwarpdrive… making them hard to hit.

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The most annoying ship I have ever been tackled by was an Arazu with 3 damps and a faction long point. It dropped my lock range to about 30km, kept me pointed from 45km, and I was too slow to close the distance.


If I had a MNI with a Web fitted and then a full flight of Webber drones, would that reduce enemy speed to 0%? Or is there a diminishing returns mechanic at work there?

Diminishing returns are at work. Webber drones are worthless, fyi.

The hyena is often overlooked tackle.

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Diminishing returns would definitely be the problem here.

I am a little fuzzy on this, but I think webber drones are subject to the same diminishing returns paradigm that apply to modules to when affecting the same stat.

That paradigm is this:
First module that affects a specific stat (usually the one that affords the largest bonus): 100% of that module’s bonus is applied.
Second module that affects a specific stat: ~87% of that module’s bonus is applied.
Third module that affects a specific stat: ~50% of that module’s bonus is applied.
Fourth modules that affects a specific stat: ~20% of that module’s bonus is applied.

So in your hypothetical scenario…

  • you use a a Tech 2 webifier on a target (cuts the target’s speed by 60%)
  • you send out webbing drones on the target
    Each webbing drone has a web strength of 5%. So that means the first drone will apply only 4.35% webbing on the target, the second will apply 2.5%, the third applies 1%, and the last two drones are basically “wasted” in the sense that they are not really contributing any meaningful web strength.
    (NOTE: Someone should probably check my math on this!)

More than all this… in EVE, bonuses stack multiplicatively (see, they are not “added” together).

What this means is that your total amount of webification will be somewhere in the range of… 65%?
ECM drones would be a better choice. :slight_smile:


In that case do webber drones even have a use? Especially light ones?

I can assure you, they do not. But they have been useless for more than 11 years now.

However the other electronic warfare drones are not that useless.

As pointless as a civilian warp disruptor.


Intended pun I assume? :thinking:

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Vexor Navy Issue with neuts and massive armor tank. The damn drones just keep coming, and coming, and coming…

this question would require extensive experience with all interception-oriented ships, so if you want one clear and definitive answer, I’m afraid you will have to find it yourself.

however, you can always speculate which is the most useful, and that means taking advantage of utility.

let me know how it went and which ship worked best for you.


Normally I would say Caldari but since jamming is chance based, not ideal.

I have been tackle by a Keres at 38km and damped down so I can’t do nothing, I also had one damp me when trying to tackle a BS 10km off me making me unable to lock it before it warped.

Never sworn so much at any other ship

Very interesting thread, this one.
Would you guys say that any of these options outperform a claw optimized for speed, orbiting at 5km/s?



Anything that can tackle from outside of heavy neut range outperforms a claw.