Hard to Beat Webber / Wrap Scrambler

I found out the hard way that large ship (like Raven) has not been able to cause much damage to smaller webber or wrap scramblers in L3 L4 missions. I think it’s due to the large explosion radius etc.

How does one overcome these ships in a Raven-class ship? Would a large blaster do the trick?

Cruise Missile Launcher X 6,
1 empty slot for blaster,

Propulsion, Cap rechargers, Shield booster, Target Painter

Ballistic Control II x 2
F-82 Signature Amplifier x2

None so far

Should I bother with Rigor rigs to enhance signature radius or it’s just waste of ISK / slot?

Does a raven not have a drone bay? (In all my years, I think raven is one of the few ships I haven’t actually flown.)


Drones is the answer. Also Ravens are good for lvl4 but I would use a Drake (BC) for lvl3. Rigor is good for Cruise Missiles, as they help you kill Cruisers. You won’t make CM suitable for frigs.

Right now I don’t have a strong drone skill trained. I can only use up to Medium scout drones. I invested all my skills in missiles.

When I am confronting those small frig. or cruiser, the drones don’t last that long. They die out at rate about 1 in 30s.

What if I fit a large blaster or some other type of gunnery to shoot down these harden frig?

They typically get in close range to web/scramble me. Can i leverage this?

The idea is using light drones to kill the smaller ships

Medium drones are for Cruisers when frigs are dead, use light drones for frigs and you won’t lose them. Frigs shoot at mediums. Also train those drone skills.

So if I release light drones, cruiser won’t target them?

so i can train light drones to max skills (or close), then releasing in fight and they will kill frigates but not die out too soon?

A large blaster will miss frigates, especially on a hull they get no bonuses for. Small gun’s are probably best, probably lasers then you don’t have to carry ammo.

Yep, but some elite frigs shoot at light drones, so you have to micromanage a bit, not just releasing them. Aggressive setting is anyway not a good idea in missions, as they might accidentally shoot a trigger.

Just recognized that your fit misses the entire tank and shield booster, hope you just forgot to copy paste.

A large blaster will miss frigates, especially on a hull they get no bonuses for.

I thought railgun / blaster damages are based on angular velocity etc but not size of the target. No?

The thing that deals with warp disruptors and webbers is called the Large Micro Jumpdrive. When the frigates burn towards you with full speed and MWD on, your missiles hit nicely. Application rigs help that as well, and the aforementioned drones to counter repair efforts from the frigates or destroy them on their own while your cruise missiles take care of bigger ships.

You could look at warhead rigor catalyst rigs, they lower the explosion radius of missiles and make them apply better. Combine that with target painters and your precisions cruise missiles can actually hit a frigate and destroyer decently.
Throw a web or grabbler in there aswell, and you have a very mean damage application formula!

Also, as others have stated, use light drones on the raven. Warriors seem to be the fastest, Hobgoblins seems to do most dps overall.
The raven can fit one set of light and one set of medium drones, if you want to.

Generally, no, cruisers will leave them alone. But that does not mean you can just throw them out and they will be fine- other ships can and will aggress them, so you will need to watch and manage them.

As others have said, light drones are really the answer here. Do not swap out launchers, as that will create more problems for you. Train up for some light drone skills, practice using them, and this will be the most effective solution.

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Either learn the drone keyboard shortcuts, or set some new ones that are easier to remember (I hate the defaults, I set my shortcuts back from before there were defaults and mine are way better.) Keep an eye on your drones, recall them the instant they start taking damage and don’t launch them again until you get aggro back on your ship. Turn them off of aggressive, they are not good decision makers and are liable to get you into trouble. NPCs don’t like to change targets very often, so control the aggro and your drones will probably be fine. Match weapon size to target size, small drones for small targets. Yes, size (sig radius) affects pretty much every weapon system, in addition to things like speed and/or angular velocity, plus smaller targets are also more likely to have a higher velocity and be harder to hit with bigger slower weapons. Change the way you fly to make targets easier to hit… if you keep moving, the NPCs will move in straighter lines, and your drones can hit them easier, else as previously stated use the MJD to force them to move in straight lines towards you.

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do’nt listen to those guys that say frig won’t kill your drones. The elite frigs (those with awfull small sig, hight resists, web+point) will SWALOW your drones faster than you can blink an eye. Sometimes your drone will just disappear wihout you noticing them taking damage.
I you use drones, be ready to lose them.
man, even elite cruiser will wreck them.

The trick to let rats burn toward you using mwd does not work either : they bloom is less increased than their sig.

What can help you is a stasis grappler. it reduces the rats speed by 80% max thus multiplies your damage by 5 vs frigs.
Another help is a target painter, which increases damage by 70% I think vs frigs.

And yes, all the apply modules help too. the rigor/flare rigs are good, and if you have a spare mid a guidance computer may help to, if scripted. but you should not have one. and in the end you should not be able to destroy them with cruise missiles. Use drones instead, be prepared to lose some.

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Many people don’t but you can fit a heavy rapid fire missile launcher made specifically for killing smaller ships, one of those plus drones will wipe the smaller ships out, and just use auto targeting and fire and forget and use your remaining launchers (cruise), for the bigger stuff, drops the DPS a little bit but I’ve never had an issue, but heavy missiles do great damage to cruisers, battlecruiser, so it’s not a bad thing unless you plan on being out of range of a heavy missile launcher ability.

if your drone “disappears” you probably weren’t paying attention.

Drones are fine for taking out typical NPC mission frigs, just watch for aggro switches and recall drones when that happens. Sure you will lose some drones along the way, but drones are pretty much just another kind of ammo, Raven has a 75m3 drone bay, lots of room for spares. Plus if the elite frigs swap to your drones they likely aren’t pointing/webbing you.

Some pockets have elite frigate and normal rats, which can switch target all at once.
When they do it, you don’t even noticed them yellowboxing you, just your drone is already dead.
THEN you get yellowboxed.

I do notice it every time. Just let them come to you first, then unleash your drones on them when they are orbiting you at 3-11km.