Getting rid of stacking penalties


I propose to replace the present stacking penalties mechanism with an additive bonus mechanism

Present formula

effective value of a modified attribute, when subject to a stacking penalized bonus is now

modified = base*(1+bonus/stacking(number))

  • stacking(n) = exp( (n-1)²/2.67² ) ,
  • number being the rank of the effect strength among modules with same effect.


Modified non-stacking formula

For increase bonus, the new formula would be

modified = base*(100+bonuses)/100

  • bonuses is the sum of all bonuses

For decrease bonus, the new formula would be

modified = base*100/(100+factors)

  • factors is the sum of all bonuses factor
  • the factor of a decrease bonus is 100*|bonus|/(100-|bonus|) eg a -50% bonus has a linear factor of 100 .
  • |x| is the absolute value of x (that is, we take the positive value)

If we consider the decrease bonus as a specific resistance effect (separated from the positive bonus effect), then we have the combined fomula
modified = base * (100+bonuses)/(100+resistance factors)

eg if I use a mwd (bonus 250) while subject to 2* 60%webs (resistance factor 150) my max speed becomes
modified = base*(100+250)/(100+150+150)= base * 0.875.
That is, each web applies a resistance factor of 150 to the “max speed” attribute, while the mwd applies a 250 bonus to it

Mix with stacking modules

This formula creates one multiplier, that can be multiplied along with stacking multipliers to the base value.

eg looking at armor thermal damage,
If I use a DC II (15% resist so 17.65 resistance factor) and two T2 EANM (20%resist so 25 resistance factor) the formula becomes
modified = base * 100 /(100+17.65) * 100/(100+25+25)

Effect on ingame values

For only one module of given effect, nothing changes at all.

I made a spreadsheet to compare

I 100% made mistakes in that spreadsheet.

What it tells me now is that that modification would have, with 4 mods

  • for reduction effect
    an increase in up to 10% in the small reduction (armor resist for T2 DC )
    a decrease in up to 37% of the big reductions (web 60%)
  • for increase effect
    between 7 and 9% increase in DPS
    however an increase of DPS of 30% with 6 faction mods !!

The 90% serp web is not correct. The 50% effect increase from the serp bonus would translate into the resistance factor being increase from 150 to 225, that means the serp web would become a 69.2% instad of 90% . This is indeed a huge nerf to the serp line.

The OL invuls are not correct, for the same reason. the T2 42.9 res would translate into 51.42 res, ie -34% instead of present -36%

Effect on global game and steps

In effect, this modification would increase the interest of stacking small reduction modules, and also allow to use more increasing modules.
The serpentis line of ships would be greatly nerfed though.

This would also make Eve simpler to understand. Instead of information “this modules stacking is penalized” which gives no hint about why, how, when ? ; information would become “this module effect stacks linearly with other module providing the same effect”.

The first and easiest step is to convert the positive effects (eg DPS mods, SBA, overdrives)

The next step is to introduce the “resistance” effects, as well as consider those effects as linear, and convert reduction modules one after the other.

When the negative effect % is removed, then the effects can be balanced. eg the serpentis line can have a bonus from +50% to +500%, which would make it as strong with one web as it is now (yet being only half as good with 2 webs). Also the invul will need rework, typically going to +40% resistances instead of +20%.

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