Module Penalties

Instead of showing the module bonus when stacked, I suggest the second module in a stack display the correct bonus being applied instead of the base bonus of the module when the module is rolled over with the mouse.

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Stacking penalties aren’t just multiple modules of the same type. For example - the reactive armor hardener is stacking penalized with the DCU but not other armor resistance modules. You can also have stacking penalties with rigs. So - which module is the “base”?

I think adding the net effect to the tooltip when you hover over a module is a good idea and the game has already calculated that - we shouldn’t need to open the fitting tool to see it.

The “base” is the module with the highest bonus, if there is one. If you have, say, a thermal shield hardener and an invul field running at the same time, the thermal hardener is the “base” for thermal shield resists.

But the game engine doesn’t always know which module is the “base” one. If you have two modules that give the same bonus, one provides the full bonus, one provides a smaller bonus, but the game engine doesn’t actually pick one or the other, it just works out in the math.

I’m with Dryson in that it would be nice to see the net bonus with stacking penalties applied in a tooltip somehow, but I’m not sure what the best way to do so without further confusing the player would be.

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Maybe CCP can clarify?

If you have two of the same modules fit then the server would pick the first module that fit to the ship, based on its unique ID number that is associated with the module and how the module works with the ships bonuses.

Basically, each time a module is fit that has a stacking penalty, that module would get green boxed in the server mechanics. If another module of the same type is fit, the server would read another ID number assigned to the module that is associated with having bonuses. If there are two identical ID numbers present for the same or similar module then the server computes the second modules penalty and displays it.

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