Issues with Citadels and Wh system Effects (Module Effect Stacking)

So this will be kinda difficult to explain cuz the issue is complex, but ill do my best.

As most of you are aware, some modules have stacking penalties. See this sheet for reference:

Ive been testing Citadels in Different WH systems, and when i anchored a test citadel in C5 Pulsar and tried to target paint a battleship, i noticed that the Sig numbers on the target ships weren’t where they were suppose to be.
I suspect whats causing the issue is the WH system sig radius effect, is acting as the 1st module in the chain from the above link. when it should be a separate thing. This theory seems to mathmatically line up perfectly with what im seeing ingame.
Now this may sound like a small niche issue, but its actually Massive.

I have 3 T2 standup target painters on a my test fortizar and the Target ship is a Scrop navy issue.
With the C5 pulsar system effect and the 3 target painters on it. The specific target ship and its fittings has a 4321m sig when it should have a 6432m sig.

my 1st T2 Standup target painter should be increasing the sig by 72% but it isnt. its only increasing the sig of the target ship by 62.568%. Again the system effect is acting like a hidden module in the stacking penalty formula.

It may not look like much of a difference, but the defense doctrine i was testing should have 48% application with the citadels missiles because the sig on this target battleship should be 6432m.
Instead the ingame sig is 4321m, and the application is only 32%.
This is HUGE!!!
It ends up being a whopping 3200dps difference in applied damage as a result.

I dont believe this is intended, can we please get this fixed??? Like freaking ASAP?
ALL system effects (Positive or Negative) should not affect module stacking of any kind.

Other system effects are also affecting module stacking, and shouldn’t be.
Please note (Module stacking) is not the same as directly providing a flat buff/debuff to a module or ship attribute. So please don’t get confused with that and yell at me in replies. (ik how the community is)

Thank you for your time.

Did you make a bug report in-game about this as well?

No i didnt know i was suppose to. i thought thats what the forums were for?

should i?

It will allow the Devs to see more information about the issue through logs and accurate timestamps. Next time you have this issue, make a bug report in-game.

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