C3-X Ballistick Control Module

Is the new module from The hunt C3-X “Hivaa Saitsuo” Ballistick Control Sytem subject to stiking penalty?

Why wouldn’t it be?

Because in the description there is no written, and I would not like to read in the next patch notes that someone forgot to add :wink:

If it wasn’t effected by stacking penalties it would be very OP. Yes it is effected…have tested in game.

Guaranteed it’s stackng penalized. It’s still a pretty OP module (basically frees up a pair of low slots on the Rattlesnake with minimal impact on damage).

We all know what comes next.

C1-X for Hybrids
C2-X for Projectiles
C4-X for Lasers

Plus the events that go along with getting these types of drops.

Put me down for a drone-hybrid.


now that would make the navy domi something special.


it just looks like it does, it shifts damage from drones to missiles. on paper they give a bit more DPS but those missiles apply way worse than the drones on most targets

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