Remote Sensor Dampener/Weapons Disrupt Falloff Effects?

I understand ECM works in a similar manner as turret hit chance, where optimal + falloff = 50% hit chance (so in ECM the chance to successfully block is reduced by half at this range). What I am wandering is how it works with sensor damps and weapons disruptors, which do not have a native hit chance as they simply have a consistent effect.

I assume that the optimal + falloff = 50% less damp/disrupt strength, but is there a calculation for anything in between? Do neuts work in the same way?


Yeah, they work the same way.

If your Sensor Damp would reduce enemy’s lock range by 50% in Optimal, in falloff, it’s only half as effective, so it’ll reduce enemy’s lock range by 25%.


At the end of falloff is only half as effective. A small difference, I know - but quite important for certain modules and weapons cough projectiles cough

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