Standup ECM jammer and Neutralizer

I just tested out the range of The tech 1 standup Heavy Neutralizer and standup Variable Spectrum. Wierd thing is that I am able to apply ECM and Neutralizer above their indicated optimal and fall off range.

I was able to apply 722 GJ neutralization when the range from the target indicated 202 km (fall off heavy neut is 100km and optimal is 100 km) which makes no sense since with that range we passed the total fall off range of the module.

I was able to Jam out a target at 172 km (fall off is 75km and optimal is 75km) when the module should only apply at 150 km.

So those range indication on the modules are either non sense or the range indication between target and citadel is non sense. Can anyone help on this topic?

Edit: just tested at 300km and I still apply 87 GJ

Range less than the Optimal = Full Effect
Optimal + Falloff = 50% effect marker.

At double falloff there still is some effect happening, that continues to apply even out to 3x falloff, though in most of these cases target locking becomes issue or the effect is so negligible that it no longer registers.

So, a 1500GJ Neut at 202km with an optimal of 100km and Falloff of 100km would be just under 50% effect. This tracks with the 722GJ, half would have been 750GJ. At the 300km mark you were still getting a small fraction of the neut amount.

The range is from the edge of the zero point border on the citadel, as you may have noticed depending on the size this zero point can be quite some distance from the physical object.

ECM in this case works the same, just different values.

Thanks for the reply I guess I just didn’t understand completly the fall off mechanic. But problem is I double checked the range and on both site the range was the same from citadel tho

It is a bit “different” than what you get from weapons, and is usually where familiarity comes from, since those translate to a miss chance, where as ECM and Neuts are a “always hit” but does X kinda thing.

Please elaborate

you said the point 0 might be deceptive since of docking range outside of middle of the center point of citadel, but the problem is that I double check the range indicated between target and citadel and both side was giving the same range.

Yes, sorry I was a bit wobbly on that statement.

What I was getting at is if you are targeting the citadel, as you are, that is the correct range for the calculation. That there is still quite a bit of space between that zero point and the physical object, and that distance from zero point to contact point does not matter to the math.

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