Further balancing ECM and ECM drones (simple yet effective change)

rather than strickly locking the person to one ship or preventing them entirely from locking at all with ecm drones, make it so that ECM reduces the amount of targets locked by -1 (faction by -2) same for drones as well. with the minimum locked targets can go no lower than one.

this way even if someone ECM’s you you can at least target one person out of X amount of people rather than being forced locked into one person or no one at all if every one is using ECM drones.

… because?

because ECM is still stupidly hard to deal with, this way we can still target who we want even if its just 1 person at a time.

also because ECM drones just completely deny any possibility of fighting back

IOW, “make ECM drones do nothing”. No.

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Because you really should be shooting 7 targets at once.

People who don’t PvP should not post changes to things like ECM


You learn the skill and then you either fit for it or take the risk, how hard is that?

you literally cant fit for ECM, its get screwed and maybe kill the ecm ship or get screwed but with drones and not be able to target anything


Wasn’t autotarget missiles, smart bombs and aggressive drones the ECM counter at one point? And apparently, ECM drones are not without its faults, as many others voiced their concerns in another thread about same.

It’s not an entirely bad idea, but ECM should be able to nullify a ship completely, at least when fully skilled, equipped, and all that. Otherwise, it would be quite useless in the end.

Their jam time was already reduced to 5s, while it takes 20s per cycle. They really are not that effective, unless in large numbers (in which case you probably have bigger problems anyway)

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