EC-drones still broken

Thanks for your replies. There actually were a couple that were useful!

I haven’t really followed earlier discussions about ECM. But it didn’t take long to find out that a lot of religion is involved when talking about ECM. Lot’s of people seem to come with very easy judgements without reading the whole thread. I won’t be following this thread anymore since it doesn’t look like i’m getting anything useful out of this anymore.


You managed to permajam 7 squads of fighters with a blackbird??

Sounds like fighters sensor strengths are the issue there tbvh

You mean because people aren’t sympathizing with you and taking your side? Interesting! The name of the game is “adapt or die”. Surely you can’t expect scissors to beat rock?

He only had 5 (I’m not a nyx expert so I’m not sure if that means his skills were sub par or what).

Took some juggling to get the 4 ECM jammers on the blackbird to cover 5 targets, but I managed. Fighters get jammed easily… they have horrid sensor strength.

no your right its 5 but still

Did you know that fighter jets, even built in the 1970s, are capable of “home on jam” and can lock up a system that is jamming the radar?
23K years into the future…

The drones die easily enough as is. Start targeting them as soon as they hit space then blast them. You could always fit a smartbomb like others have stated. They are frustrating, and cost me some kills sometimes, but they are not game breaking. If one gets away using them i will say something to the affect of “Dishonor drones… Bob is not pleased o/” in local and move the F on.
I suggest you do the same.

Here’s another trick that some of you may even be unaware of. Since the day we got those ewar icons displayed above our capacitor in space, you can not only show who is doing what to you but also use the icon as target assist, meaning when you hover over that specific ewar icon, you can CTRL-click it to only target this one.

Now go out there and shoot those pesky drones.

i once had a pet hamster, its name was fluffy.

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