Version 19.09 - Known Issues

@CCP_Dopamine Can we ever expect the issue of the text being completely blurry to be ever resolved? Are we ever going to be able to play in maximized windowed mode, which is how most players play the game when using more than one client?

It has been a week and nothing has been done nor communicated about it. How can a game company screw the display of their own client, not catch that in testing before release, then ignore this issue for a week, which prevent users from playing the game properly and gives the impression of being permanently drunk? This is seriously making me lose faith in CCP ability to QAQC their own game and fix issues when they are reported…


not everything that translates from sisi to tq will be perfect… it could look fine on sisi, and go to hell when it hits TQ

Has anyone tried bypassing the GPU and using an onboard graphics chip instead? if your mobo has one ? as may be to do with not recognizing the GPU properly

I thought it was my eyes , going, I’m glad I’m not the only 1

Has anyone tried bypassing the GPU and using an onboard graphics chip instead? if your mobo has one ? as may be to do with not recognizing the GPU properly

We are looking into the issue that caused the max locked targets of +2 to be removed and will update accordingly!

The (fairly important for sentries) +tracking roll is still guaranteed positive.

Thank you for the response CCP Swift.
Looking forward to have an update.

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Thank you for the report,
We’re able to reproduce this consistently each time the ‘Check on Market’ button is clicked from the Skills Catalogue (no need to close/reopen the skills menu or character sheet each time). We’ve logged the issue and are investigating the cause.


Got a black screen in the client, infinite loading now. Been a week with this issue, so imposible to use eve. hope it heals soon lol, all im playing is mame 32 and watching Outlander.

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Thanks for the response and happy you could reproduce!

  • Fixed an issue where fonts were becoming distorted when re-launching maximized windowed game clients.
  • Fixed an issue where maximized windowed clients showed incorrect overlay effects directly after game start on some Windows versions.



eve_crashmon process? If i close the client black window, it seems to stay open in the launcher, cause i cant stop it clicking the icon. Also that crash process keeps running next to exefile.

Can confirm. Issue resolved.

Now… I hate to offer congratulations when there are still other issues at hand…

  1. Space between words greater than space between elements by 100%.

  2. Icon size, although system default icon, is over 10 pixels taller than other Neocom icons. Consider revising a custom icon for new purpose, instead of using old icon (discovered existing before update in Developer Resource Pack).

  3. Character Sheet still clips on the right side when resized, cutting a button in half.

Thank you for your consideration CCP. I am grateful for these threads.

Wow, you don’t know much about Xeons then - they are actually VERY good for gaming, just way too expensive for most people to game on. As far as adhering to standards, Xeons ARE the standard, your i7, i5, etc, are just watered down versions for the masses to buy cheap. Same thing with NVidia’s Quadro vs their GTX cards, Quadro is great for gaming, just way more expensive, and you can usually get way more bang for your buck with a GTX because you can afford a much higher end one. That being said, since most of my gaming rigs have been used workstations with Xeons and Quadro cards, I can definitely say they work great. And I have found the solution to the issue, and it does appear to be some kind of glitch in some of CCP’s code. Going to post the solution I found in a separate post, so hopefully it can help others who have encountered the same issue, and maybe CCP will even put some kind of fix in place for it.

So, finally got the game working again today, going to post what I did in case in helps anyone else facing the same issue.

To recap, game was running great, and had just fully updated my system about a week before the patch. After the patch downloaded, launcher worked great, but as soon as I tried to press the play button, would get an message saying the game had been launched, but it would never start.

Checking the loglite messages showed the following error, which from some web searches many others have encountered since the patch:

<pre>/packages/launchdarkly/ <module>
__builtins__ = {'AUR': 30,
'ArithmeticError': <type 'exceptions.ArithmeticError'>,
'AssertionError': <type 'exceptions.AssertionError'>,
'AttributeError': <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>,

I am going to be honest, and while I am an IT guy, I am not a huge coder, so looking at the code in question didn’t do much for me. However, some additional web searching, and I found a post talking about the same file throwing the error.

Not sure how this guy found this solution, and again, not a huge coder, nor have I really looked into the file enough to know why, but his solution of copying the launchdarkly_client.pyd file from the tq folder into it’s parent folder instantly solved the problem. Game launched immediately, and runs just like it did before the patch.

Hopefully this helps someone else experiencing this issue!

thanks for responding i will try to be more specific about what i was looking at when comparing the mutated drone stats
what i was looking at was the roll % per type to get an all green roll over all the drone mutating and what - stats will be things i consider bad
damage i understand it being 1 in 128 roll and players will sacrifice every thing for extra damage
durability ( tank ) gives a roll % of 1 in 32 this is better to last longer
that leaves the other 2 that both give 1 in 64 roll
projection (range /falloff )
navigation (tracking /speed ) as this pair dose a few things speed also mitigates damage
i was surprised you didn’t put the second to signature to help closer fall in line with the format over all types when using sentries
but then i realised sentry’s have no velocity so the whole system is thrown off for them giving effective firepower 1 in 64 durability 1 in 16
and the other 2 types a 1 in 32 % roll chance halving the roll % chance
i also realise bricked mutated drones have value on the field when dealing with ships that use both drones and other weapons as you need to be more focused on details of whats hitting you when selecting what you hit first
Conclusion When dealing with sentry’s i was surprised you didn’t move the velocity penalty to signature to fall in line with roll stats over all drone types giving a no penalty for navigation one

Failed to create DX9 device: ALResult(8876086c) D3DERR_INVALIDCALL: Invalid call

EXCEPTION #2 logged at 10/22/2021 09:52:35 : Unhandled exception in <TaskletExt object at 0x280dc16b808, abps=1001, ctxt=‘Tick::Sleep’>

Formatted exception info: ALError: ALResult(80004005) E_FAIL: An undetermined error occurred

Common path prefix = c:/buildagent/work/d2d8a22a74178531/eve/release/release

Caught at:

/packages/bluepy/ CallWrapper

Thrown at:
/packages/bluepy/ CallWrapper
/carbon/common/lib/ Startup
/eve/client/script/parklife/ StartupUI
/packages/carbonui/ Startup
/packages/carbonui/services/ CreateDevice
/packages/carbonui/services/ _SetDevice
dev = 
self = 
state = 

Thread Locals: session was 
Stackhash: -6750818
Reported from: logmodule

Is there a plan to get back to the black background when launching eve clients?

When I start multiple clients all windows start white first, then change to black. with multiple clients that adds up like sitting in front of a stroboscope making my head ache

after the last update there was a problem with low fps on dx11 before that everything was fine.
had to switch to dx9 because it became impossible to play