Chat Broken AGAIN and LOCAL Broken AGAIN

yup just got disconnected AGAIN… for no apparent reason… this getting old

UNSUB :poop:

Local okay here, but Corp chat broken :frowning:

And they probably wonder, why the community is so critical of them and are sceptical of their ability and knowledge to lead and improve EVE Online. Here and now you have a perfect example, why is that, CCP.

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well the disconnects are between me and CCP some where's between the 19 hopes it drops out
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Glad it’s not just me!!

Thank you for the reports, everyone. We are investigating the described problems with the in-game chat as we speak. Can you please let me know if you are still experiencing issues?


Yes, it’s still too sporadic / random to figure out a pattern yet

The disconnects are between… what? Please don’t modify your text like that, it cuts off half your messages for people reading on smaller screens.

Chat ingame being broken is bad enough, no need to also break chat on the forums willingly.

Still have issues

Can you expand on the nature of your issues? Are chats connecting/disconnecting? Local or corp chat not updating? Any additional info will be useful.

Same issues as described above.

In the same system one account shows 3 in local, the other shows 8 in local. If I log out on one account, the other account doesn’t see it in local, but does in corp chat.

It’s bizarre. No identifiable pattern - just randomly doesn’t show some people in local or when they leave.

Screenshot link of someone visible in the system itself but absent from local -

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Also just to say I wouldn’t even have noticed unless I was on two accounts.

When you are here, there are sometimes issues with MOTD also.
EDENCOM channel had broken MOTD and nobody at CCP was able to fix it for 1 week or so. EDENCOM had to make new channel eventually.

The communication feature in MMORPG game is poorly maintained. This is the feedback.


Very random. I have three characters One character works perfect. The other two local is completely dead and when I jump through gates, It works when it loads, than freezes at that system even after i continue jumping to the next systems. Fleet and corp chat on these characters are completely dead.


wasnt me

Two characters logged in. Neither have local, corp or alliance chats. Both have populated player-created channels. So my experience is that player-created channels are fine, stock standard game ones are not.


local, corp and alliance chat doesn’t work. Chat is not connecting. I can’t see characters and messages in local or any other chat.

i posted this in another part of the forums, but just so y’all get it, i’m gonna post it here, too:

“so yesterday (25th) my chat channels worked fine, but once i logged in today (26th) most of my chat channels didn’t work, mainly local, corp, and alliance chat. they didn’t show the number of people in channel, nor did they show the MotD, or even the EVE System line at the beginning.”


CCP: “RrrRrRrEeeEeEEEeEeEeEEeEEE!!!”

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