Bug report open for over 4 years. EBR-156245 - Can't leave chats

Over the years I’ve joined a lot of chat channels. Some of them are long since defunct. However, when attempting to purge these very old PLAYER channels from my channel list, they won’t go away. This has been rather frustrating. I submitted a ticket about it and they couldn’t even get the channels to go away (See Ticket Nos. 749574 and 741006).

When I try to leave, I right click -> leave channel. The screen kind of refreshes, but the channel(s) are still there.

To try and remedy, I’ve tried leave the channels multiple times over multiple days, months, weeks, and years; clearing my cache; using the launcher to clear obsolete files; and submitting tickets.

At this point I have no idea what to do to delete these channels from my list.

After many years, I had to add another channel to my long list of un-leave-able channels.


uninstall and reinstall the game completely? drastic, but may work.

weird problem, just tried it on mine and i can leave channels fine

Yes, that’s a problem with the well working new chat system ever since it was introduced. But CCP keeps insisting on that it works well enough.

I’ve changed computers since filing this bug. Still there.

I would settle for CCP coming in and hard resetting my chat list.



Can I get a screenshot?

I’m curious as to what the problem you describe actually looks like.

Repurpose the empty chatrooms into emotel rooms for high class ERP sceneing.

Can you split off the channel window and close it when its separated?
Drag the tab off and drop it in empty space, then close?

I don’t know how that’s possible. Not only does a fresh installation nuke my chat channels, but so does switching client profiles. I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but I have to ask, did you copy over the cache or anything so that you could preserve things like window placement and the market quickbar? Because that would also preserve all your chat channels.

If you haven’t done so already, you should also try creating new client profile or clearing the cache . That would do the trick under normal circumstances, but who knows what’s going on with you.

Nope, fresh install each time. I’ve cleared my cache multiple times. These were channels I had on my list before the migration to the new chat system, and I think it happened during that. I made a ticket and CCP told me to file a bug report over it.

Basically look on your list of chats. Right click -> forget. The window refreshes like it’s supposed to, but the channel still sticks around there.

Edit, and then you can rejoin the channel like normal as if it was always in your list the whole time.

I have chat channel from 15 odd years ago, i can’t remove them from the list and i can’t get in them because I don’t remember the password anymore, even though i made the channels lol

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I have some chats that I cannot “forget”, they are always there in my list of available chat channels but I can always close/leave them.

Just keep putting in tickets. Someone will look at it eventually.
You could also raise this with a CSM or on the Tweetfleet discord (don’t have the link), some CCP devs hang out there.

I filed a ticket a long time ago about not being able to “forget” old channels and it’s still broken. I can " leave" them though.

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