Player Chat Channels Problem/Bug

I am unable to delete old player channels in the Channels window. Clicking Forget Channel does nothing
I also can not add channels that I have been in. They used to just appear automatically, such as the BEBOP Logistics channel shown, it just appeared in this window when I joined the channel.
This feature is very convenient, allowing you to drag the channel into chat allowing others to click it and join it. But it is no longer is being updated (The Player channel list in the window).
I want to delete the old channels that are inactive, and add the new ones that are relevant appear in this window, such as logi channels for fleet.

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This is an issue that CCP introduced with the switch to the new chat system. Ever since the introduction of the new chat system, CCP has stopped working on it and as a result we are stuck with this mess. The switch resurfaced 4 channels into my channel list that are no longer functional and that I also cannot forget.

But as CCP put it:

In the short term, this change should not affect you at all - if we did it right then you will hardly notice a change.
New Chat Backend Coming With The March Release | EVE Online

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If there is a new chat system… is there going to me a new chat organizer?

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As usual CCP Devs sat around wondering how can they justify there wage and in fact this year get a well deserved pay rise based on productivity. So they put there fat heads together and one said you know guys chats never been touched in 15yrs and with evil grins they got to work and alas fuked up local chat so it now matches other features in eve. Devs saluted and smiled then logged into eve in there CODE alts and begun ganking miners in high sec because NO CAN SEE ■■■■ IN LOCAL ANY MORE

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