Chat-Channels: Where to find "My Channels?"


am I blind? wasnt there a section called “My Channels” with the channles created by myself?

That section is gone and all player channels are now listed in the Player Channels category.

You mean directly at first hit at Channels button? - This shows only the Channels im currently in. Not the ones I created and left. If I want to rejoin a channel I now have to rember the name of it?
Or do i get something wrong?
Try it for urself - leave a channel created by your own and try to rejoin without typing the name in channel window.

If it’s not in that list, you probably have to remember the name, yes. I lost a lot of channels thanks to this chat server rubbish, but CCP used a lot of effort to unearth channels and put them in my Player Channels list that I have not been in in 5 years and the alliance they were created for is long dead. On the other hand, all the channels that I currently use were gone from the list.

lol, ok. yeah thats exactly my problem. I cant remember channel names created years ago which I still want to use.
thx for replying. wanst sure what happend.

But. What if you reach the max of 20 allowed channels created by your own. how to delete one of the old channels you dont need anymore.

No idea if it deletes them permanently from the database but you can right-click channels in the list and select “Forget Channel”.

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