Fixing Channels

Probably the wrong category but I am ranty and peeved.

In-game channels need a fix. Something.

There needs to be a mechanism to identify a channel owner. I am dealing with a situation where someone apparently tried to access a channel that didn’t exist hence creating it. Now that we are trying to actually create it and use it, we can’t. The naming of the channel is consistent with all the other channels we created but can’t be used because the owner can’t be identified. I sit in the channel daily but nobody posts to it. Maybe if none of the channel owners have logged in to the channel for over a year, delete it.

It’s like say you have “fictitious alliance - caldari ops”. And someone tries to access “fictitious alliance - amarr ops”. Now fictitious alliance can never use the “fictitious alliance - amarr ops” channel.

So the options/proposals:

Automatically purge inactive channels where an owner doesn’t log in. Maybe set this to a time limit and preset all channels to this.

Provide channel owner information or channel contact information. Don’t understand at all why this would be a problem. Maybe as a menu option. Perhaps passworded channels provide contact option for those who don’t have the password.

Provide a mechanism to claim inactive channels. Maybe through a slash command that triggers a request timer.

Notify owners when someone accesses the channel or make channel owner notification a default setting and initially set it on all channels. Or make it an option to notify.

Start charging ISK to have a channel. Oooh another ISK sink.

Charge ISK to eve mail channels. And have the option to evemail the owner, the admins, or the members. Eve mailing the members or admins should have a cost commensurate with the number of recipients.

Yeah, That’s immediately what I thought of when you were talking about the issue. It’s effectively the same as a sov bill.

If they’re going to go that route though, there needs to be some higher tier tools for the system. Being able to delegate the channel to a new owner (person, corp, alliance, ect.,) attach someone to the channel to moderate / pay bills, or even something like having multiple channels within the larger channels - like a discord server.

I will say however, that CCP looks to be modifying how chat channels work in EVE, even going so far as potentially using a 3d party service for the feature. (ie: power by discord, so ccp doesn’t have keep updating the code base for it - and so we can finally have voip back in the game client.) Not sure if they’ll actually go through with that, but it seems to be something they’ve been hinting at.

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