In-Station Chat? - No, Not Walking in Stations - Just TEXT CHAT

I think this would be a great idea to communicate with others in a station without having to use local for private conversations. Good for intel sharing between players of other corps and Alliances.

Opinions? Flames?

Dray Cil


I love your idea but I think it could go further for instance sometimes you don’t know everyone in a station and it could also be inconvenient to get the people you need all docked into the same one.

So instead I think it would be a good idea to let players create their own channels, they could invite some people into while excluding others.

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I don’t know if that was sarcasm or not, but you can already do that.

And it would be a pain in the arse. It doesn’t have to be a regular chat window, perhaps just a single line at the bottom right of the screen below the station services panel.

Dray Cil

yeah… because it’s so much harder to set up an intel CH than it is to get everyone into the same station.

I’m not talking about a group meeting…I’m talking about random encounters that occur and you might dock in a station doing stuff and want to discuss things happening in the system right now with whomever is docked with you right now. More of a random connection than an organized event…get it?


was the example you yourself gave…

how exactly is a station specific chat going to be better for random encounters than local? I can not think of a single time I was docked with someone I needed to talk to didn’t already have them in a chat and needed to discuss things that I couldn’t in local…

I have had several instances where a stranger shows up in local and friends of mine and other pilots dock up just to be safe for a while. It’d be nice to chat without allowing this stranger to hear our conversation. Sure, I could start up a group player chat channel, OR, i could just type something in this suggested chat box in the station screen.

Now that you have shared you opinion on the subject, is there anyone else that would like to express their opinion on it?


I thought this was for random encounters not for groups of friends? So why exactly are you against just creating a channel for your friends to use? Then you wouldn’t even have to bother using local at all. Even when some super scary random isn’t in system.

Not worth the months of chat server errors that go with any chat change.


I am I agreement with this option, but I would suggest a modification to the ask.

Rather than just be station specific, it should be localized. What I mean by this is say you were with a group of miners in an asteroid belt, you could talk within the ‘region’ rather than to the entire star system. If someone was clocked there, they would be able to hear as well.

This is similar to mission text that happens when you encounter a pirate and they trash talk you. It doesn’t show globally. I think this would allow better user interactions as you could have trash talking that only shows locally, not globally to the entire system.

Again why would anyone use this over local or a private chat?

Also region is already a chat channel…

Yes there is a local chat. That is a given.

However ….

It broadcasts system wide. If you are having a local skirmish in a asteroid belt 8, where you can see each other, why should people 30au away on the other side of the system see it?

I’ve seen instances of chat being one aggressor talking to another about something very localized to the area (aka within line of sight), and the conversation related to something specific. Example, one group demanding a bribe to be able to mine that specific area or else they would blow them up. This is good game content and adds to the overall experience.

What doesn’t add to the experience is being somewhere else in the system where the context doesn’t make sense, seeing the conversation regardless, often one sided.

What we have currently in local is like being in a mall and yelling loud enough for everyone in the mall to hear. We should be encouraging social activity. casual conversations should be encouraged, telling to the entire system, or having to open private channels, IMHO, discourages that activity. I know it discourages me, so I never have conversations in local, ever.

The suggestion is another way to communicate in a more natural way. That is why.

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Oh on a side note, if things were more localized, they those hyper net ads trying to scam you into getting a cheap orca, would be much more difficult. They would need to fly to you to broadcast the crap, and maybe get blown up by pissed off people in the process.

Except just like constellation and region chat it only works if people have it open, most people won’t so it will still be easier to just use local or private convo

wait so is your idea to completely replace local with this?

Once again, that is a given.

Did I say that? No I do not believe that I did. My personal opinion, mind you these are all just opinions, I don’t have much use for local. I just use it to see where I have been, and to watch for people popping in a system while in dangerous areas. Most times, I don’t even look at it due to to spam offers.

then why would they need to fly to you in order to broadcast that crap? they would just use local.

and yeah if no one is in this proximity chat… and no one uses it (why have another largely useless chat window open) what’s the point?

Got it, you disagree with the idea.

Yeah this Lugh Crow-Slave guy is pretty closed-minded on this suggestion. Forget him. I like your ideas, BTW.


Close minded…

Iv just asked for an explanation that justifies the recourses required to implement and maintain this.

Why not develop an App that would be similar to Captain’s Quarters but instead you could use the App to chat and conduct video grams back and forth between Capsuleers without using the Local Chat or opening a separate window?