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Hello, I’m sure that I’m not the first player to write about it, maybe this message will only make smile.

But I think that if i do nothing and do not offer something, then nothing will change.

I have a suggestion to change the “local chat”.

Upd 14.07.19
*The proposal is as follows:

  1. in systems with a status below 0.5, including 0.1 delete player information in the “local chat: removing the icons (+5) (+10) (corp) (alliance) (fleet) (-5) (-10) in local chat, leave only name.

  2. in systems with a status below 0.1, including 0.0 : delete player information in the “local chat”, Leaving only the number players in system and while you are standing in a сloak after the passage of the gate you do not appear in local chat (at that moment the number is invariable)

Сan consider different options would be great if the CCP thought about it
It may be, for example, add a number in the dock and in the space of the number of criminals, the number of offenders in the information “local chat”.

Players in system 0.0 see only the growth of people in the “local chat”, which he will give:

  1. More drive, andrenaline and suspense
  2. Interceptor frigates will be in real demand.
  3. Hunting bots in the system -0.0 will be easier

The current “local chat” and ZKB, players can get a lot of information, which allows them to avoid any interaction in systems with 0.0 and low sec system.
In almost all online games, we see only the number of players in the location and You all can see a lot of benefits if you think about this offer.
At this stage, the “Local chat” is a game mechanic that automatically reports whether there is an enemy in the system. It just comes down to being lazy and want an easy life.
Maybe he will finally be just chat.

Thank you. Just want to make this game a little better.
I really hope that someone from the developers will read this message



i like your idea. Ist not a complete delete of the local Chat cause you still see changes but you never know who it is. i´m sure i would come back if they would Change the local like this.

But, i think it will bring more “Intel bots” to this big 00 alliances so it Maybe will be Change Nothing. on LS ppl dont care About the local like the 00 carebears. and you.

on the other side it Needs way more to find a Person in local if you wanna know if he´s in local. but i´m sure over all it would be an interesting Change.

As an option, the name can be left by removing the icons
(+5) (+10) (corp) (alliance) (fleet) (-5) (-10) in local chat.

Сan consider different options would be great if the CCP thought about it

For example, can change the names in the “directional scanner” to replace the type of ship (leshak, vexor, naga,) with battleship, cruiser, battlecruiser…


Can you explain why number 2? You don’t explain why Interceptors specifically “will be in real demand”.

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Would prefer it to be just like Wh’s personally.
Like the dscan idea too just show ship type and you need to probe it down or visually see it to identify.

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How i see it, if you don’t see who enters the system, fleet can hide in the system, you need fast ships to check who came in and from where, they will become more in demand. stealth bombers and covert frigates, will also be in demand,

If you see a fleet of cruisers during a battle on a “discan”, you may not know that this is a vexor’s or a munin’s, yes and it is very good.

Exactly puts some mystery and risk back in

And this is good, because at the moment in 0.0 systems it is safer to live than in Hi sec

npc space should have local chat.

null sov should be like wormhole space bar any system with a ‘new structure’ we can call it an ansiblex communication relay. It should be able to be messed with using entosis link but tough as nails. Obviously adm should be at a certain level.

For me, this just makes sense.

I was still thinking about the second part of your message, I don’t know if this can be done at the level of game mechanics, but theoretically, players can leave the warp direction marker for a while (a few seconds) so that other players can see where he flew. to balance change “local chat”

The problem with pvp in this game is that a lot of information is available to people, and thanks to it, the people in every possible way and effortlessly avoid interacting with each other … especially in systems like 0.0. Right now, CCP they introduced the invasion of drifters, which makes 0.0 systems really dangerous, but they could change the “local chat” to do the same, but the danger would come from the players, not from the NPC.


@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Falcon @CCP_Explorer

I would like to hear from the developers their opinions, what do you think?
Would you like to adopt this idea for further development?

I would be very pleased if one of you took a moment of time and commented on these ideas.

Delete personal but leave the numbers… bots will just read the numbers…

But then it is not known whether it is an ally or an enemy. I think it will create a big problem if they warp out for every change

OP must be happy now.

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ccp plans to do a local chat, like in a wormhole, it will not be very convenient, so it’s not quite what i want.

but its what every PVP person wants.

This is an online game, it comes down to PVP or competition with each other.
In fact, every player who earns ISK spends them on ships for PVP.
It’s just that many people don’t understand what benefit it will bring, because they are used to flying in large fleets and pressing F1.
otherwise why all this? if there is a single player games where you are the master of the situation

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