Ccplz constellation chat

I think it would make ratting safer if we had constellation chat and require less arbitrary alts if constellation chat was implemented.

Currently you need multiple alts per constellation so you can dock up if a neutral comes within 10j. we wouldn’t need alts if constellation chat was properly implemented.

bad troll is bad

It was implemented. It was probably removed with the transfer of the chat service because it was so underused to be worthless. Same as regional chat.

Oh goodness please make constellation chat a mandatory thing or better yet regional chat.

That way only one cloaky alt is needed to scare everyone into hiding rather than dozens

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It already exists.
IRS just delayed which is perfect as it means it’s not a perfect Intel tool
But you are right local should be removed and constellation chat become its replacement in it’s current delayed state.

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I thought, that constalation chat channel only display people, who joined it. So if your enemy do not join - you will not see him in constallation chat.

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