Turn low sec into npc null sec with local

Ya just day dreaming here, if low sec was changed to npc null sec space with local and the sec level would equal the tax and fee rates.

Eg 0.2 = 2% tax and fee

I wonder how that would play out?

Show me I’m not sure what NPC is all about. I heard about it but just don’t really get it.

No, go back to NPC null.

Terrible idea -1

Last time i checked low sec was just empire space not patrolled by CONCORD. The amarr, Caldari and such still own that space and wouldnt take kindly to invasion by NPC pirate factions they just allow capsuleers to kind of run roughshot over the area. besides that would de-value areas like Stain.


No. There needs to be some sort of buffer between the highly constrained PvP of hisec and the utter free-for-all that is nullsec.

Tweak, adjust, modify losec, sure, but you can’t just make it nullsec.


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