Have the rules changed for ganking?

Have been thinking to come back to the game, but wonder if the game is still full of gate camping / gankers in high sec ?
I use to pay yearly sub just to support the game but after 1st year just didn’t see the point.

Ganking, gate camping and other forms of piracy are still a part of the game, yes.

The rules for ganking did change, as I heard from a low security rating corp member that they are no longer able to dock at a high sec station we use as staging point for certain activities, which is a bit inconvenient.

CCP did change some rules, they made it impossible for Alpha pilots to participate in ganks, and made it impossible for low security standings characters to dock in high sec space.

But if you are hoping that that means ganking is no longer a thing, then no.

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The rules for ganking have changed many, many times. Since you didn’t specify when you last played, it’s hard to give you an idea exactly how much they have changed.

It must have been a very, very long time ago, though, because I have been playing for 12 years. At no point during that time has highsec been full of gankers and gate campers. It’s a playstyle that exists. A fairly small number of players do it. Highsec is quite large, so you should have no trouble avoiding them.

The Prophet encourages you to return to New Eden.

He also encourages to shed this victim mindset and become the capsuleer you are meant to be.

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Don‘t pay, you can try as Alpha as long as you want. But if you are (still) afraid of gankers in highsec, you may need to change your attitude. Ganking is a valuable part of EvE, and was never a problem to counter for the mindful player.

There are rules in EVE? :crazy_face: The only rules I’m aware of are the ones one can enforce.

No but if you sub you can help make it so.

Hi, thanx for reply.
If I was fighting in Ukraine sure ill be afraid, swimming with sharks ill be afraid, but afraid of a video game lol nope.
How is Ganking a valuable part of eve ? dose if pay the wages of the devs ?

If ppl want to gank sure why not, if its the fun they get.

hi, thanx for reply.
yeah I heard they made it impossible for Alpha but thought ill ask.
all forms of piracy are in some ways good. but when I payed years ago I felt it was harsh for new players,
I still have omega but maybe I would have gone back to WH that was fun but sadly time and effort just not available

you missed the “IS” - as it was a question.

And I answered: you can sub and help make it so it IS.

I’m assuming you are asking these questions in good faith, so I will answer accordingly.

Ganking is a valuable part of EVE because it is something that no other MMO offers, which is fun to do. There are many MMOs with safe zones, or optional PvP. EVE is the only one I’m aware of where you are always in some level of danger from PvP while undocked. This appeals to a niche market of customers.

Does it pay the wages of the devs? In a sense, yes, because most long term subscribers appreciate the concept of a ruthless open PvP environment where everyone is on the same server. But actual gankers only represent a small number of subscribers, so it only pays the bills in an indirect sense.

I encourage you to give ganking a try. It’s good clean fun. I’ll add that I myself have been playing for 12 years, and the thing that hooked me on the game as a newbie was weirdly being ganked.


hi, thankyou for reply, and it’s always healthy to have a discussion that is helpful.

I agree ganking is fun and a part of eve, I’m not sure if it is a small number because there communities dedicated to it, I also believe there is an art a skill to ganking,

So devs did change the rules to address a situation and I cant see them changing it for no reason, would be interesting to see how the changes work, would they go 1 step more and put a safe zone in for new players? “I really dont care, just a thought how far they will go”

Inflation across the world, the cost of living, majority of ppl need to keep an eye on what is outgoing and in general spend less, maybe this effects the sales on eve atm.

Agree its a niche market of customers, but that numbers is spending less rli money, and that at the end of the day rli money pay’s the devs wages, not ganking.
Ganking is just for fun a part of the game over exploited, targets new players, keeps you active, but doesn’t generate rli money, not a valuable part of eve.
Pretty much the same I was ganked a fair few times at the start, but left high sec.

Players got ganked plenty in Mortal Online and now there’s another one even crazier.

And the PvP in this one is mad insane.

EVE is a great game but not the sole MMO to have ganking and no-holds-barred PvP.

If you eliminated ganking and made a „safe space“ in high sec, many non-ganker people would simply quit as it’s long been a red line for the community about New Eden being a dangerous dystopia in all space. Once that line is crossed the illusion is broken and the game no longer the same in many customer’s eyes.

As Syeed said (and as you ignored) the direct dollars from gankers is probably small, but the dollars of people who would quit if Ganking were eliminated is very large, as even CSM representing huge number of nullbloc players agree here. And that makes Ganking valuable in IRL dollars.

Then you have people like me who think Ganking is already so small, that high sec is pretty tame and safe. I already believe New Eden isn’t that dangerous anymore and high sec effectively a safe space to all but the few most ignorant/lazy pilots that don’t take basic precautions.

You know when high sec was super dangerous? That’s right, when the PCU was at its peak in the 2009-2011 timeframe and when it was taking in IRL dollars hand over fist. If CCP wanted more money, it would replicate the high sec danger of then (which permitted far more kinds of high sec PvP than just Ganking).

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Hell Let Loose, that is a crazy game, amazing in detail, spent many hours on it

From 2009 to 2011 video games were booming, not just eve online, since then we can look into advancement’s in the all gaming community’s .
If your saying it was at it’s peek and they only had to replicate it, then why didn’t they replicate it ?
The reason they couldn’t replicate the success from 2009 to 2011 is because ppl quit the game resulting in less payed subs with rli money.
So why did ppl quit the game ? Why dont ppl want to play mow ? why was the company sold to Black Desert Online’s Pearl Abyss for $425 million ?
we can dress it how we like - very few will quit the game if ganking came to a stop around jita, ppl who pay the 115 a month sub or 15 a month sub really wouldn’t give a hoot about it.
Unless someone cant afford the sub and can only play by ganking new players, sure they may quit, think of it this way if it helps .

a} 10 gankers who have 5 atls each who gank in high sec, useing isk from drops to pay for omega

b} 10 players who each pay 115 a year and spend more to obtain that bling bling ship for alliance battles ect
Who is the 1 spending rli money and who is not? Who is the 1 CCP will try to get to play the game?

Well if you in reference to in game market and flow of circulation, sure gankers have a part in that, a positive part, But that is in game play/market only, has no impact on rli.

Now by the sounds of it, you like to gank, I get it, I understand, It’s the fun factor you receive from it.
CCP have changed the game just a little to try to get players back, the players they want back are ones who spend rli money. They have done them changes like it or not, and they will keep going.

Do you not think CCP have access to player base spending and have worked out that ganking doesn’t make rli money and changes needs to be done to bring back ppl who do spend rli money? on advice from there financial team ect, or they just came up with idea to stop ganking for kicks and giggles?

10 years or so I played, sure I got ganked, done null and low, hell gave most things a go, I did like fraction war that was fun, but inflation/ cost of living / family lol to much risk chasing that isk.
I’m not against gankers, really not, I just asked a simple question and got great reply’s, I hope you don’t read this text the wrong way.
its been great having debates.

Wrong. I have never ganked in my 12+ years playing. This would have been easy to look up.

Now by the sound of it, you like to assume a lot to reach your conclusions.

I’m not buying it and no one else is either. Do better.

fine if you never ganked thats upto you, and I have no interest to look it up, I don’t go around looking up every player I chat with online.

by the sound of if I got it wrong, if you gank or not — but who gives a :slight_smile:
Not selling anything, 12 years long time.
(last text for you were questions and facts)

This one?

This is NOT facts, this is speculation.

I know this for the second question because CCP hasn’t decided to stop Ganking „for kicks and giggles“. You can still set safety to red and blast Someone in high sec. Ganking is by definition not stopped.

I don’t agree with your first question either. There is zero evidence that CCP has given about its internal financial analysis and monetization strategy, therefore I have no reason to believe they have conducted the specific financial analysis you propose. And therefore whether I agree with your made up hallucination doesn’t make a lick of difference to me.

Here, let me copy your style and phrase it with my opinion so you can see how ridiculous I sound:

„Do you not think CCP have access to player base spending and worked out the number of people that would quit if Ganking were eliminated and the IRL money that would be lost versus the imaginary and unproven market of IRL money that would need to replace it from theoretical people that probably wouldn’t join EvE anyway? On advice from the financial team and CSM etc or they just keep allowing ganking for kicks and giggles?“