Ganking and Paying A Gank Fee / Ganking Permit

High Sector gankers such as CODE. should be made to pay a ganking fee for their ganking activities.

Sure they will drop buckets of tears about losing Security Status, their ships and having to wait for 15 minutes after a gank not to mention everyone chasing them when they come on grid…how is a ganker supposed to fly through High Sec like this? It really isn’t fair.

I suggest a Ganking Fee and new mechanic that would lock the account out for a certain time period if the Ganking Fee isn’t paid.

The fee for ganking would be 25 million ISK per week and per pilot that is wanting to gank, for a total of 50 million ISK per pilot.

Ganking is basically a free version of a war dec without any real consequences that are mundane to say the least.

CODE. started the fight with their ganking of miners and their Mining Permits.

I think that it only fair that CONCORD issues the decree that you can gank, but only if you have a Ganking Permit.

After all CODE. constantly laments about content creation ad being elite PvPer’s who because of their “status” should have too pay to gank.

The overall goal of Ganking is an ISK sink…CONCORD believes that CODE. and other High Sec gankers should also be part of the ISK sink of war decs, that up and till now, CODE. has been able to avoid.

So why should CODE. be able to avoid the same system that others pay into, the War Dec system where the end result of both a War Dec and Ganking are the exact same thing, the loss of ISK.

The Ganker would have pay for a system ganking permit on a weekly basis that would allow them to gank. Ganking in two solar systems would cost a little bit more and so forth.

Having to pay for a Ganking Permit is not interfering in the play style of CODE. either. Just like making a miner pay for a mining permit or get ganked isn’t interfering in the play style of the miner.

Here come the buckets from CODE…every one line your cans at the CODE. tear factory. These are gonna be good.


Oh god he’s back

I’m just going to say no
hits big red button


I don’t know about then buying a ganking permit but a fine from concord would be cool.

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If you were a clever man, you’d suggest that CODE. buy ganking permits from you, for a modest 10 million isk per year. I clicked on the link thinking that’s what I was going to see. Leaving disappointed.


If gankers had a Concord permit to kill others that would essentially place them into the same group as wardec corps. As such they shouldn’t take a security hit, lose their ships or suffer a 15 minute timeout when pursuing their chosen activity; just like wardec corps.

TL;DR Yet another poorly constructed bad idea from Dryson that fails to take into account existing conditions or future ramifications.


I don’t like CODE. but OP you are insane for even thinking this let alone posting.

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LOL, my sides

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No, CODE would still receive the security loss and 15 minute aggression timer because the permit is a ganking permit not a war dec.

War dec’s only you to attack those that you have a war dec on.

The Ganking Permit would allow you to gank who ever you wanted.

The loss of Sec Status, your ship and even Pod along with the 15 minute aggression timer would be CONCORD’s way of ensuring that the ISK they are making the ganker pay is covered up.

if a ganker doesn’t have a Ganking Permit and attempts to attack another player using a gank mechanic they haven’t paid for then the aggro timer would increase to a half hour.

Perhaps the Ganking Permit should also reduce the aggro timer to 10 minutes as well.

  • No insurance payout
  • Security standing loss
  • Ship loss

To name just a few of those non-existent consequences.

Which aren’t even a real thing, just some crap they made up. Ignore at your leisure.

At the same time we can also implement mining permits for real. And AG permits. :joy:

It’s funny how you write that into every topic of yours, yet you’re always the only one in those topics shedding buckets full of tears :joy:
Just Dryson logic as usual :joy:

– A cloaky ■■■


When you say that you do not like CODE but then disagree with something that goes against CODE it proves that you are a CODE. Surrogate or one of their many alts.

You can’t be against CODE. and against someone who against CODE and not actually support CODE.

At the same time we can also implement mining permits for real. And AG permits

Yet neither type of permit actually exists just cancelling your argument out.

You sound like a TEST secret agent with your “Please ignore” the permit issue.

You can actually…

It’s called being impartial
Aka not giving a f


Eve was founded with the principle of CONCORD being a reactionary, not a preventative, force in highsec and for you not to be safe. It’s in the game’s core dna.

Please cry more OP about how ganking is terrible and has hurt the game since inception given it’s an intended gameplay format and therefore needs more restrictions applied


I don’t like CODE. I also don’t like people who want to change the game for everyone because there’s one group they don’t like. If you want to question me on what I think of CODE. go ahead and find me in game.


How does it cancel my argument out when you’re agreeing with me? I never claimed they exist. Quite the opposite, I specifically stated they don’t. It’s your post that claims they do and you used that as argument for your “ganking permit”.

So wtf Dryson? Can’t you ■■■■■■■ agree on what your argument is? Is your brain in some state of a superposition with every option, no matter how nonsensical, coexisting? Or do you simply have the attention span of a gold fish and make your ■■■■ up as you read it, with no clue nor regard for what it is you’ve claimed in your previous posts?

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Hey Drison are you still in an NPC corp? How is the smartbombing plan working out so far?


Ok, ■■■■… he is on to you @Daoden

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You need to understand the reason WHY people are ganked in the first place.
Let’s look at the psychology of a gank and the reasons behind it.

1 - The Gankee has angered CODE. and/or other ganking entities and is a target to be disposed of regardless of cost. This may be due to a number of reasons, such as smacktalk in Local, or simply offence through whatever avenue you can imagine

2 - The Gankee is flying a mining ship which is made of paper and is likely to generate salty tears upon death

3 - The Gankee is flying something expensive, and/or carrying cargo which is worth lots of ISK, and is economical for people to gank him/her

4 - The Gankee has been ganked before, and dished out top quality salt, and thusly will be hunted in the hopes of generating more salt (because who doesn’t love seeing someone cry in Local XD…)

5 - The Gankee is in territory, partaking in an activity which is disturbing the activities of others in the local area. Example: If the gankee moves to a new system or area of space, and begins mining belts which are ‘owned by force’ by the local inhabitants, the gankee is an outsiders, and taking resources from an area where they are not welcome, and thus, they leave themselves open to ganks and/or harrassment.

6 - Probably other reasons, which I cannot think of right now.

With all the the above being said
It is easy to avoid ganks:

1 - Don’t piss people off and/or anger them
2 - Fly a tanky mining ship, Procurer or Skiff
3 - Do not fly something expensive (such as an officer fit ) or carry >1 bil in cargo in a freighter or something dumb like that
4 - Do not get overly angry and upset if you are the victim of a gank. There is a reason why you were ganked, and that is your fault alone, no one elses
5 - When moving to a new area, ensure you get to know the locals, before you take your shoes off and put your feet up on a coffee table that doesn’t belong to you

Following those rules, you’re likely to never be ganked
And as I said above, if you are ganked, you only have yourself to blame


But that’s all too logical lol



A ganking permit would be official endorsement by the standing authority in hisec, Concord.

Why would gankers purchase official permits when they provide no outcome different from that of ganking without one? An official permit without legal benefits is no permit at all, but extortion on an official level.

Your proposal turns Concord licensing into nothing more that what CODE. do, except there are benefits from CODE.s permit, mostly in the form of virtual immunity if you pay attention and lols at the never ending river of tears of people like you; I, for one, am quite happy to get out my raft and sail down that river while drinking beer and working on my tan.