Ganking and Paying A Gank Fee / Ganking Permit

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I know I am posting in a shitpost and/or troll thread, but so be it.

You (OP, @DrysonBennington) are conflating an official “ganking permit” as a game mechanic with the “mining permit” that CODE. sells. Mining permits do not exist. There is nothing in the Eve source code that creates a mining permit, nothing that creates CODE. and nothing that enforces any such permit, one way or another. CODE. “mining permits” are snake oil they sell to gullible miners, and that they enforce when they feel like it. The miners are never under any game mechanic restrictions.

What you are asking for is an actual game mechanic to punish gankers further than the ones that already exist. The question of whether that is necessary is debatable, but “mining permits” have literally nothing to do with it. Asking for a game mechanic to make your life easier is like asking CCP for stronger mining lasers instead of training better skills or going to a system with better ore. It smells of defeat, laziness, and cowardice.

If you want a perfect analogue to mining permits to make CODE. take some of their own medicine, create a corp that sells “Uedama Permits” and ganks anyone present in that system without such a permit. Alternatively, for a more creative solution, use your undoubtedly big industrialist prowess to shape markets such that ganking ships are more expensive. Or, set up a preventive measure by which CODE. members and affiliates are tracked and avoided, minimizing the fun they can extract.

But don’t go whine to CCP for a solution. That’s just weak.


It isn’t a troll thread, he actually believes this idiocy. I wonder why he is upset? Oh wait…

… He is bad.


awesome idea.
make tee permit 1isk for each system and you wont get concorded in return.

I love to see this.

also how new are you?


28% killboard ISK efficiency, wow. :thinking:

@DrysonBennington I would like to amend my suggestions: if you want to counter CODE. by shooting them back, I advise you learn some effective combat fittings and tactics. Plus, maybe find some others to support you so you’re not at an inherent “outnumbered” disadvantage.

As a starting point, I’ll link you some of the stuff I’ve written on over the years that might help, given the sorts of ways you’re dying:


The stunning part is that he actually whores on CONCORD killmails all the time and still doesn’t manage to get a green killboard.


What I think we need is a way to bring anti-gankers and gankers together in more direct and satisfying confrontations. Almost every time I am linked with a kill on a ganker, I am presented with the option to either nod my head in silence, or be the wet blanket that tells them a concord kill means they did nothing.

In game, my aim is to thwart ganking. I like to be on the good guy’s team. Out of game, though, I can not favor one side or another. Any good story, and any good competitive game has to have conflict, and that conflict is most tense and enthralling when sides are evenly matched.

CONCORD is a force that shifts the balance of any conflict toward the defender. They don’t care if you’re the good guy, or the bad guy. They only care if you’re the aggressor. They are not altruistic in any way. They are law, and the law is ‘No aggression against any target that is not suspect, criminal, or who has a sufficiently low sec status’.

Buffs to CONCORD prevent either the good guys or the bad guys from actively pursuing and curtailing their rivals. Because CONCORD is quite powerful, and the penalties fairly stiff, we are discouraged from shaping the landscape in an active way.

We, that is, with the exception of the suicide ganker who still is willing to defy CONCORD to make something happen. It is they who start the conflict. A conflict which must, by necessity, be short, because CONCORD is coming in a matter of seconds.

This is why I disagree with nerfing ganking any more than it already has been. It drains the energy and tension away from the region, removes compelling reason to make allies and get involved with other ‘good guys’ out there. It makes us isolated, fat, lazy, and bored.

I would LOVE to see more killmails where gankers lose their ships to real people, and not an NPC task force. I’m not a ganker, nor a CODE. puppet. Just a rational person who realizes we need them to keep things interesting. We need them to stir up trouble that us good guys can put a stop to. For the fun and for the stories we tell of it in the future.


Excellent idea. I suggest we call this fee a “monthly subscription fee” and set the price at about 500 PLEX per account. If you pay that - or an equivalent amount of $$$ straight to CCP; RMT is bad - you get to gank, wardec and generally cause mayhem according to the game rules for a 30 day period. And because 500 PLEX is quite a steep fee, as compensation it should also enable that account to train character skills at full speed. We should give this system a catchy name to make it clear it is intended for the best players, perhaps Omega player would be a cool name.

In addition, it should be possible for a player to earn back some of those PLEX by contributing to the community. I’m thinking allowing a player to share some of their skill points to other players to use on their characters. To avoid abuse and greed, perhaps use the in-game economy to make those skill points available in return for a trifling amount of ISK.

Hmm, anybody know people in Goons so they can propose this on the CSM?


actually this.
this one important corner stone to eve in genereal you can achive way more if you are willing to cooperate with others. solo gaming should not be encouraged since eve is obviously a multiplayer game.

there are literally 1001 options to counter gankers wit only the effort of having a friend or two.

one way have a buddy with e war in your belt or someone that could alpha the ■■■■ out of gankers. be prepared and handle high sec like low sec and you will be absolutely fine in 99.9% of incidents.
don’t play eve in single player mode and don’t be stupid and gankers are at the receiving end themselves

and if it comes to handle high like low you might learn some tricks how to behave in low/null/wh in a perfect save environment.
and this would get you even deeper into the game.
and some day you might be able to whatever you do in high in null

Which shouldn’t surprise anyone that’s read even one of his forum threads.


We should have a fee for every silly thing you post


You don’t exactly post coherently, do you?


This right here. <3

Fun content happens when players interact in conflict. That’s why nullsec regions like Providence have historically been so fun: there is an attacking force and a defending force, and they need to outgun or outsmart each other. No CONCORD or NPCs involved.

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I don’t know… I think permits of the type the OP is referring to are the remit of the players of this game, not CCP.

So given that, I think that if the duly elected leader of highsec, James 315, who was voted in a free and fair election, decided a ganking permit of some sort was in order, I would be on board. After all, he has conclusively demonstrated he only has the best interests of highsec at heart and thus I trust his judgement implicitly.

But some random demand from Dryson to pay a permit for engaging in intended highsec gameplay? I think not. He has a less than stellar record of advocating positive changes to highsec, what with his repeated and manic anti-ganking activities and all.

Highsec is still quite sick and I don’t think putting it in the hands of a rogue element like Dryson is wise at this time. Let’s stay the course and save such a Hail Mary for when things get really desperate.


I think Dryson’s problem is that he doesn’t know what a carrot is; the stick being the only thing he can conceive of.

Edit, this thread needs more scissors.

Ballistic controls on a prophecy…
I actually cannot stop cringing rn

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just kek, @ OP.

Calm down, miner

Or you can just buy your permit from the nearest CODE retailer.

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I think the OP’s suggestion of a ganking permit introduction is laughable at best. CCP leaves the role playing to the players.

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Who in CODE should Dyson contact to demand to see their ganking permits?