Ganking and Paying A Gank Fee / Ganking Permit

Dryson should have to buy a permit to post on this forum…


All this would do is encourage more accounts to be made to cycle through.

Accept that ganking is here to stay. I am all for hindering them in ways that make sense like making ship scanners get a suspect timer and removing citadel tethers from flashy people. But encouraging more gank accounts just sounds like bad design.


is this common core math?



You must have read the 10,000 previous “ganking has no consequences” threads and the counterarguments, don’t bring this ■■■■■■■■ up again. You have already been proven wrong before posting this thread.

I do not think it is fair. Go away.

There may be other goals as ideology or just lolz, or no goals at all. I can shoot you just because I can, this is EVE.


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ohohohoho I have a brilliant idea
how about you be the leader of a lose group of people.
that prevent gankers from ganking unless they pay you a fee for a ganking permit.
and this lose collective of players would named “the mode”
all it takes is effort and you will to push it.
and I would assume if you are successful you will get your share of space fame.
and happy collect genker tears until they flood the forum to push the idea to introduce a mining fee.
and at this point the co2 begins

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If I take this post at face value, it tells me a great deal about you, and it’s nothing good. Do you often find yourself saying “You’re either with me or you’re against me” even to potential friends and allies?


Ok so bumpers dont need to pay any fees right? Sounds fine to me.


or days in your case :wink:

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At the moment ganking is an ISK source, as the ganked get insurance payouts, which injects more ISK in the EVE economy. Same holds for wardecs if the total insurance payouts are more than the wardec fee.

I agree. Ganking is piracy and as such is one of the core mechanics of EvE gameplay - no permission required.

(That would be the only free and fair election in EvE then … given CCP have admitted vote buying in CSM elections is legal?)

James “I’m just a naughty boy” 315 has done just that. It is called a “mining” permit, yet it is used to justify the ganking of all sorts of non-mining boats, including freighters. And you are obviously on board, as a top 10 shareholder of the “Mighty CODE.” ™ [sic].

It’s a very versatile permit. Owning one and following the Code allows you to do all sorts of things in highsec without worry.

Best 10M ISK you’ll ever spend.


The irony is, given piracy / ganking is completely legal, there is no need for a permit. Hence the reason the OP’s suggestion is a also a non-starter.

The only thing the “mining” permit allows is bumping - and of anything, not just mining boats. Unless you actually bump, then owning such a permit is a complete waste of 10M isk. (Owning shares is another story; you just profit from others’ redundancy.)

They already are.

Gankers lose

  • their ship (with no insurance)
  • some security status (and further down the road, the ability to live in highsec with anything other than light stuff)
  • the ability to undock in a ship for the next 15 minutes.

They do. 500 PLEX per month or a subscription.

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That would only be a consequence if it impacted their activity. It does not since gankers hide in station and only undock when their bumpers have found a target, hence it is not a consequence.

If gankers were to be banned from NPC station docking, docking rights on structures possible to limit by security status and bumping limited, it could potentially be a consequence. As it is, it’s nothing but a sad excuse used by gankers to justify their tears.

The security hit IS the reason they only undock when there is a target, thus it is indeed a consequence as it DOES impact them to the extent that they can’t carry out other activities in space due to it.

Are you really that dumb?


Suicide gank mechanics are cockblocking wardec mechanic changes.

As Jonah already mentioned above they are ‘hiding’ BECAUSE of those consequences. The fact that you try to spinn this the other way despite clearly knowing better just shows your agenda.

Oh please, we already have people complaining in other threads because gankers already stage out of citadels, and guess what happened? Yes, more complains, because it’s not like the people who try to punish their enemies by crying to CCP suddenly ship up , wardec the citadel holders and bring on those consequences they talked about. No, instead they already ask for the next nerf, that gankers can’t even use teather on their own stations.


No. Go away.

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The real question here is where is your permit, miner?