This Post Pretty Much Sums It Up - High Sec Gankers Say They Are Better Than Null and Low PvPers

If what I am reading is correct, then ima wreck you is saying that all Low and Null and even Wormhole space corporations and alliances are really nothing more than New Bros and cannot compete against the CODE alliance let alone defeat the CODE alliance.

Somehow CODE rationalizing itself as the best PvP Alliance in all of New Eden needs to be put to the test in Null space.

Or perhaps the Null Space alliances can send their best to take on the like of Karack Terrell and the other operators of CODE in their pretty T3 and T2 ships that they fly around in space in.

I just don’t think its proper for a High Sec Ganker alliance to bad mouth Null and Low without actually having to put their assets where their mouth is.


I cant wait to see the nothing thatll happen



Especially from CODE who cannot PvP in Low or Null. It would be interested to see NC, or Test Alliance come into High Sec and wipe CODE out.

After all CODE can’t manage to defend any territory in High Sec let alone Null with only ten actual members.

Only one question: why would a Nulliance listen to a mouthy safezoner like you?

You arent with them, and you arent with CODE. , So who are you again?


Kind of silly.

In HS you have targets who think they’re safe. Those are rare in Null and Low sec. That makes it easier. In HS you have to deal with concord mechanics. Those don’t exist in lowsec and null. That makes it harder.

In Null there are no restrictions but a significant “home field” advantage. You have intel about reds coming in, JB’s to allow the home team to set traps and (generally) more stuff in jump range to drop on top of an agressor.

In Low you have small restrictions (aggression on gates is a bit tougher) and there is much less of a home field for anyone.

WH space has a huge home field since there is no ability to cyno ships in from nearby. But everything is more difficult for all sides due to a lack of intel from local.

If I were to rank them from “hardest” to “easiest”.

  1. WH away from home.
  2. NS away from home.
  3. NPC nullsec.
  4. HS (wardec victims)
  5. LS (both)
  6. WH at home
  7. HS (no wardec… suicide gankers)
  8. Sov NS at home (assuming a decently strong sov holder… if not it’s more like NPC nullsec)
  9. HS (wardec corps)


They defend it on a daily basis. You should know, youve been failing to prevent them on a daily basis.


To be honest that post they pointed out is Ima Wreckyou posting something arrogant but it isn’t to disparage the others necessarily it is code chit talking to get a rise out of others.
If you haven’t learned yet code is nothing more then goon alts.
Goons live for stirring up others then as Brittany Venti often says have a laugh in channel 4.

Well, high sec certainly requires more thought. You can blob in high sec as well but not as mindlessly as you can in null sec or low sec. And it requires people in more ships instead of just more supers and titans. You also can’t willynilly attack with your shiny toy without consequences. In a way, IWY is right.

Oh a thread about me.

And me again, just but spelled correctly. (You did figure this out by now right?)

As a “proud” provi fanboy you basically represent nullsec and should spearhead that campaign. Join or create a corp and wardec that evil Karak Terrel.


Have you possibly thought that maybe the best PvPers in low and null, are flying alts in Code.?


But I thought code was just bored goons? At least that’s what the propoganda tells me.

The first thing about goonswarm is you don’t talk about goonswarm, secondly goonswarm doesn’t exist, it is a CCP lie of AI bots so that others have the booger man to blame everything on and nullies have content to fight with.

Not really, I was merely stating a fact how ALL High Sec gankers and PvPers consider themselves to be the cream of the crop, yet they won’t go into Null and Low to PvP or Gank because they can’t hide behind the “corp jumping” mechanic to keep from being locked and blown into space dust.

Your first mistake is that you even read the trash they talk. Don’t do it, what code members say is completely irrelevant (except the case you study them for a role, let’s say for playing a sociopathic character in a theater, movie, etc.).
Second, code phenomenon exist just because of a extremely dumb game mechanic who allow outlaws to dock in high sec. That goes not only against any logic, but also against a more coherent game play as it put individuals who are undesirables by own concord norms, next to the peaceful citizens.
A garbage game mechanic born a garbage game play, that’s all, plain and simple.


The only person in this thread that hides behind the corp jumping mechanic is you. Just as a reminder for everyone:

And he still hides in that NPC corp because he is too afraid to fight me in my one-man corp. Instead he makes all this threads full of tears in the hope that others will fight us instead. Pretty pathetic.


The only thing the OP shows is that he has been mentally dominated by the words of James 315. I imagine him scampering Gollum-like about his computer muttering “the CODE, my precious”

But these rants have little to do with the Warfare and Tactics forum. Perhaps @ISD_Buldath would be so kind as to move it to the myEVE forum or another suitable trashcan.

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Well, there is a very, very simple thing that comes into my mind. LS / NS PvP corps should temporarily move into their territory and wardeck their asses.

If I were a leader of any of such corp and someone talked so much ■■■■ to me or at me, I sure as hell wouldn’t stand for it and just let it roll over.

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We are the top tier elite PvP warriors and you are just some blep who probably has trouble undocking a ship.

How about that? Are you gona wardec us now?


Not a fact, we do not claim this and never have… ergo… not a fact.

We do, so, wrong on count two… prefer to go to WH rather than Null though.

Maybe you need to check what a fact means, I think your not running on the right definition version.