If your new to Eve - Dont

It would have been a lot of fun had you had friends with you, you would have been the bait and there would have been an engagement between 10 pilots. That’s the difference between solo and joining guilds/corps.

if my will to live hadnt been puched out of the Epithals spine, I prolly would Gerard, I read alot of these forums now i have read up on High sec ganking it doesnt stop new players playing, I reckon the writers of that statement can only be gankers

Would be great to Join a corp, so maybe say that on subscription instead? Dont subscribe if you cant join a corp?

If you can share how you died (killmail, what killed you, where, your ship fit?) I could give you some pointers for next time?

Character name is good too, it doesn’t seem like your current character has lost ships according to zkillboard, or the killer hasn’t uploaded it yet.

It isn’t the same for everyone, Zanlo, as you’d expect.

I was ganked and robbed, and

I became a ganker!

Still here, nearly 13 years later.

Positive Attitude; Persistence; winning formula.


High sec ganking has been a thing for going on 20 years now. So no, ganking doesn’t stop new players from trying EVE, else the game wouldn’t have made it 20 years and counting…

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Doesnt make sense Quake, you have no clue how many people stopped playing due to that experience, all youve demionstrated there is you are happy with it and assume every1 is as there are still players, but bnot that huge an amount say versus other online games.

People play EVE because of the risk factor. If there was no ganking or PVP, then EVE would be nothing more than a single player farming simulator, and you might as well just play Elite Dangerous or No Man’s Sky at that point…

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you arent asnwering my post now Quake just making statements as you have misunderstood me

EVE is a niche game. Always has been. We have never had a massive player base like other games. Even at its height we only ever had 60k players online. It’s not for everyone. I’ve been playing EVE for 16 years and I still enjoy it and find something to do every day…


Yeh I really like strawberry ice cream, its cool and refressing on my palate

Not everyone likes open world PvP in their games.

For me it’s existence is the main reason I play this game.


Exactly. What fun would it be to just farm ISK and resources in perfect safety with no risk or challenge?

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I’d get bored and play another game.

Mining, exploration and hauling for me is a lot more fun when there’s danger I need to avoid. Unpredictable danger coming from humans, not the scripted NPC kind.

Or alternatively, I like that I could be that danger myself.

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You guys should start your own thread about things you like about eve rather than disussing what I wrote

We did discuss what you wrote. You just don’t like the answers. Like I said, EVE isn’t for everyone. Do we lose some new players due to ganking and the overall difficulty of the game? Sure. But far more players have stuck around than have left…

Im sure you can evidence that

We like that the stakes in this game are high, we like that you can potentially lose your ship and all it’s contents in PvP.
Your thread is that you’re saying you don’t like that.

We all have our preferences in games and what kind of gameplay we like and what kind of gameplay we don’t like. And you just happen to not like the basics of the gameplay of EVE.

That’s fine. Nothing wrong with that!

… just don’t go around telling other newbies that they shouldn’t play EVE, like you did in this thread. Other players can play the game and form their own opinions, maybe they do enjoy a harsh universe where PvP danger is present, like we do. Or maybe they don’t, like you.

Instead of telling other newbies to also not play EVE, I recommend you find another game to play that does not involve heavy losses.

Or give EVE another try. I can maybe give you some hints about how to avoid your current loss if you can share the details of what happened.

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The fact that EVE is still running is all the evidence I need. If every new player quit because of ganking, EVE would have shut down 15 years ago. The fact that the game population has been dropping over the years can’t be solely contributed to ganking. There are many factors involved. There are thousands of other online games to choose from now. That wasn’t the case 10 years ago. EVE’s primary player base is getting older and have other responsibilities now. The current generation of gamers have been hooked on instant gratification mobile games and think EVE is too hard or unfair. Take your pick…

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Some tips:

Take your EHP in the fitting window and multiply it by 1,000. Call this number X. Then, compare the estimated ISK value in your cargo hold. If that value is approaching X, you’re a gank target. No matter where you go in high sec in New Eden. This is a rule of thumb, even when you’re under this number, anyone can decide to shoot you anyway, but it severely decreases the risk.

Your hauling route. Jita is the most popular trading hub. That means it has the most Ganker and pirate eyes on it and the surrounding routes. There are many other trade hubs: Amarr, Dodixie, Hek, Rens. Haul your stuff there instead to sell. Though don’t haul along the main trade route between Jita and Amarr. Again, Ganker eyes live among it.

Turn every loss into a learning opportunity. You’re lamenting a half-billion ISK loss, so you better be learning a half-billion ISK worth of lessons. If you can’t reflect and learn yourself, then you’re just going to have another ISK loss – more than half a billion – and still won’t be learning a billion ISK worth of lessons.