Lots of newb questions

MB ThePhotographer, Magic 14 was mentioned earlier by J’Poll. I haven’t taken a look at that yet, but I’m planning to.

Just trying to dig up anything I can, I like these thds where a new player asks for info instead of complaining. I’m not the best at giving advice, Archer and DMC will be along as soon as they wake up. :wink:

Welcome to EVE! It can be the ride of your life! :sunglasses:


I’ve got more questions, but I figured I’d give a bit of time for others to give their perspectives on what I’ve asked before I steer the conversation off to more topics. I’m especially waiting to hear responses to:

“Is this most likely due to my ship having insufficient defensive augmentation, me using inadequate combat techniques, or is this just a typical battle tactic and I should expect to spend a lot of time jumping in and out multiple times in a battle like that?”

Yes, to your question. To have better defenses or offenses, you need to train higher skills. Each Ship has different bonuses to what they provide just for training that particular ship higher. Then you have additional skills (magic 14) that revolve around all the mods or other stuff you’ll use on each ship. the higher the skills, the better they perform at whatever bonuses they provide.

not all skills train at the same speed, there’s other stuff involved in training like neural mapping etc (whole other topic on this mess) but low end skills up to Level 4, are quick, while some other skills that may not seem low end, do not train up as quick.

As a 2 day old player, yes. But dont worry, you train up fast in small ships.

That’s questionable. You seem to grasp things quickly and have played other game so you probably have the fundamentals down.

Again, for a 2 day old toon, yes. But again, as you train up, you will start to slaughter the npc’s!


Slasher - Tech 1 - PVE you may find this helpful

Next Q.

Am I wasting my time salvaging literally every single wreck one-by-one after a battle, or is that the best way to gain resources? It seems to be more productive than mining asteroids, though only marginally more fun.

I wish there was a “click this button once and wait 10 seconds, then you can leave with all the salvageable stuff within 100km”. The grind of flying wreck-to-wreck and waiting for my salvager to be successful is a bit monotonous.

Along those same lines, I notice that a wreck will have stuff in its cargo hold that I can loot if I’m close enough, and then I can also use my salvager to get more stuff. Am I wasting time checking the cargo hold of every wreck before I salvage it? Will I get that same item with the salvager if I don’t “loot” it out of the cargo hold first?

Yes and no. L1 and L2, well honestly none of them really give good salvage. loot sometimes can get better when you get to L3 and L4. but unless you have a tractor beam, or Mobile Tractor Unit (don’t get this for L1) for an L1, not really worth it.

Salvage is the same regardless if there is loot in the wreck, and looking at the overview, you can see which wreck has loot and which one does not. if the wreck has a white box in the center of the overview icon, it has loot, if it does not, means its empty.

“looking at the overview, you can see which wreck has loot and which one does not. if the wreck has a white box in the center of the overview icon, it has loot, if it does not, means its empty.”

Wow! Huge time-saver! Thanks. I had no idea. That will help a lot. I’ve wasted a LOT of time flying to empty wrecks that provide nothing on salvage.

I think he should salvage just to kill time while he trains. He learns a lot about flying the ship, etc. He needs core skills.


I’m assuming you are an alpha, you can have up to 20 Mil Skillpoints at your disposal, with 5 mil being free, and the remaining 15 mil you will have to purchase via Alpha Daily Injectors, or regular Skill Injectors. CCP also offers several packages that you can pay for with real money, to get extra SP, or ships or SKINS etc.

but if you prefer to not spend real money, you really don’t have to spend any to get enjoyment out of the game.

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while you are not wrong, he did ask if he was wasting time… thats why i said yes and no :stuck_out_tongue:

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I keep seeing stuff online about “flying the ship”. Does that mean more than I think it does?

Currently, I “fly the ship” by clicking on some item in the overview and either clicking “approach”, “orbit” or “keep at range”. If I want to change direction, I find something in the overview that is in the direction I want to go, and I click “approach”, “orbit”, or “keep at range” again to fly towards that new thing. If I want to go faster, I click my afterburner. When I want to slow down, I deactivate my afterburner. I haven’t figured out how to hold still (other than to arrive at a stationary object after clicking “approach”.

Are there keys I can use to actually turn right, left, up, or down? Can I speed up and/or slow down beyond afterburner use? Can I stop without needing to bump into something?

Wow, there are a few terms I’m not familiar with in there…
Skill Injectors?
Alpha Daily Injectors?

I’ve seen Skill Points mentioned in some Corp stuff I’ve read. From context, I assumed it was a measure of how much I have trained. I can purchase Skill Points? What are they used for?

Yes, manually you can use the arrow keys as you start moving. Your center HUD, where your shield etc display is, Also displays your speed. you can click anywhere in that bottom area to make your ship go faster or slower, or pressing far left, or far right, will either stop or full speed (that the ship can go) before using an afterburner.

Orbit, means basically you are going to orbit that object, and you can choose the speed you want to orbit, or use an Afterburner (AB).

Keep at range, means you’ll stay roughly that KM out from the particular object til you decide to get closer or fly away from it.

Approach, you’ll move up to 0km and bump into the object most likely…

Wow, again! More super useful information! I can’t believe that none of the Tutorial missions taught any of that. Battles are going to be so, So, SO much easier now. That’s going to make a HUGE difference!

Yep, I figured those out. That’s how I’ve been managing ALL my flying so far.

Alpha - Omega, you’ll hear those two terms alot. If you did not pay for subscription to the game, you are considered an Alpha Clone. Which is an extension of what used to be a 2 week trial period. You have access to more in game, but are extremely limited on certain aspects like mining etc.

Omega clones, have full access to the game, ships, levels etc, faster training speed etc.

Skill injectors are what you can purchase with ISK (in game currency) to give yourself more Skill points. Skill points are what you need to get higher skills trained. You can inject them with the injectors, or just let the skills train naturally.

Alpha daily injectors can only be used by alpha clones to get the max skill point of 20 M.

@Archer_en_Tilavine and @DeMichael_Crimson OK, he’s asking good questions faster than I can type! :laughing:

These guys can help you out more than I can. Fly safe!

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Archer is busy, with his campaign stuff, but i do work for him ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like I’m an Alpha. I’m willing to pay for things I really enjoy, but for now my immediate plans are to play for free.