The best ship in eve is friendship!

FUN inc / Even Better With Friends [EBWF] was founded in 2018 as a safe haven for small gang pvpers after the demise of Agony Unleashed.

[EBWF] is a PVP corp, specialising in nullsec solo and small gang and microgang combat.

In addition, we also have NPSI content going out daily.

Killboard stats are not important to us – fun, and specifically, fun with friends is.

I am super stoked to announce the / [EBWF] Even Better With Friends NPSI COMMUNITY GATEWAY is now live!

Have a proper gander at the propaganda!

This is a partnership between FUN inc, Friday Yarrrr! , Redemption Road and CAS!

The NPSI Community Gateway can be found [here]

The NPSI Community Gateway calendar can be found [here]

Info available on the calendars:

Fleet time and date  
FC name 
Rally point 
NPSI group details 
FC roster and zkill stats 
EVE time clock 
UTC time clocks conversion 
Comms details 
Discord details

We are also working on:

doctrine listings

and lots of other really cool features which will blow your mind!

All fleets from Friday Yarrr!, Redemption Roam and CAS will also integrate from the NPSI Community Gateway and into [FUN inc discord] in the server channel #npsi-rocks with FUN inc fleets continuing to be sent to #fwend-planned-ops⏰

In due course we are also looking to integrate to Redemption Roads discord server too!

This is V1.0 and we have tried to deliver as much to the community in the short time frame that we were given after Spectre Fleet sadly removed support to the NPSI groups that had been listing their fleets - I appreciate Spectre Fleets work over the last few years, and wish them well as they attempt to focus on their own community.

We really hope that you all find this useful in your continued hunt for some of the best NPSI activity out there with FUN inc, Friday Yarrrr!, Redemption Road and CAS and that you enjoy this as much as i really hope that you all deserve!

Massive thanks to Coaxster & MuonNeutrino From Friday Yarrrr!, and Greygal from Redemption Road & Nopolar from CAS Combat Guild for partnering.

Massive kudos also to [EBWF] MajorFloor for some fab IT work on a swift turnaround!

Should you know of a group, or be part of a group that has NPSI roams and wish to be listed, please hop onto our discord and come for a chat!

Spread the work wide and far!

Fly safe guys & see you in space!


I didn’t realize people still pvp’d in null sec…

Aren’t you supposed to be krabbing?

Like a play date set up by some neighboring toddlers’ parents, null-sec PvP now has to take the form of prearranged appointments.

What a sad state of affairs.

How do NPSI teams actually get crew? arent they required to shoot them??

Well, it’s not like we make appointments with the people we shoot. We’re toddlers who team up to harass the birthday party next door. :wink:

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By posting in the forum like this, and on reddit, twitter, etc. We’re meeting at a trade hub, and everybody who wants to come is part of the “P”. Everybody else is … not so purple. Most people we meet are pretty chill about our group and sometimes bring interesting fights.

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Me personally - i do not krab!

The pew is alive and out there!

Exactly as Scopique says - advertise and people come along to roams. NPSI is a growth area - what with emphasis being placed on it with the fleet finder tool, but also events put on by CCP that showcase the NPSI community.

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