We are a few weeks gone since this post & after some great community feedback we have made some further progress with the FUN inc / NPSI calendar, so just wanted to drop some more updates on here with reference to the / [EBWF] Even Better With Friends NPSI COMMUNITY GATEWAY!

This is a partnership between FUN inc, Friday Yarrrr! , Redemption Road, CAS, Fwaming Dwagons & Free Range Chikuns!

The newest version of the NPSI Community Gateway calendar can be found here

In addition to the initial release of functionality:

  • Fleet time and date
  • FC name
  • Rally point
  • NPSI group details
  • FC roster and zkill stats
  • EVE time clock
  • UTC time clocks conversion
  • Comms details
  • Discord details

We have also added the following functionality in this second version:

  • Agenda view: list of forthcoming events in order
  • Month view: all events on a monthly calendar view
  • Event countdown view: list of forthcoming events in list order
  • Add to calendar button: ability to add to your own personal device to set a reminder
  • Hours active: gantt chart type listing times that each NPSI group is active

overview of calendar

agenda & month & add to calendar functionality

event countdown

standard view

agenda view

monthly view

events & hours active

We are also working on:

  • Group doctrine listings
  • Ability to export fittings to Pyfa
  • Ability to push fittings to client

and lots of other really cool features which will most definitely blow your mind!

Integrations from this calendar to FUN inc discord and also Redemption Road discord & The Ancients Alliance Discord [TA.] are happening for all fleets from FUN INC, Friday Yarrr!, Redemption Roam, CAS, Fwaming Dwagons, & Free Range Chikuns.

We really hope that you all find this useful in your continued hunt for some of the best NPSI activity out there with FUN inc, Friday Yarrrr!, Redemption Road, CAS, Fwaming Dwagons, & Free Range Chikuns and that you enjoy this as much as you all deserve!

Massive thanks to those that have helped in the development of this, and watch this space for more!

Spread the work wide and far!

Fly safe guys & see you in space!

ps. if you are an NPSI group and want to be listed… we want to hear from you! - hop onto FUN inc discord and ping me!


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