FUN INC: ShrinkWrapped 300, Saturday 25 May 2024, 1830 Jita

M A X H Y P E B R E A K I N G N E W S ! ! !

… grab your Raptors, repair your overheats, load your nanites, and start your engines capsuleers … SHRINKWRAPPED 300 is coming!

K-FLEET: ShrinkWrapped 300! - !skins & !drops inbound! (NOTE TIME!) - NPSI Community Gateway

here is the full propaganda dump!

Saturday 25 May 2024 1830 is ShrinkWrapped 300

prizes, and giveaways on the night!

More than 12K kills later, 1.9tn isk destroyed, and averaging ~7BN isk being destroyed per roam… this is a roam that you do not want to miss … NPSI doesnt do CTAs… but if ever there was an NPSI roam that was a CTA… it would be this one!! DANK FRAGS GUARANTEED!

share these video far and wide amongst the community!

ShrinkWrapped should be feared by all in NEW EDEN!

• In-game Public channel - “EBWF public”
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