FUN INC: ShrinkWrapped 200, Saturday 14th January 1930

M A X H Y P E B R E A K I N G N E W S ! ! !

… grab your Raptors, repair your overheats, load your nanites, and start your engines capsuleers … SHRINKWRAPPED 200 is coming!

Saturday 14th January 1930 is ShrinkWrapped 200

prizes, and giveaways on the night!

More than 7K kills later, 1.2tn isk destroyed, and averaging ~6BN isk being destroyed per roam… this is a roam that you do not want to miss … NPSI doesnt do CTAs… but if ever there was an NPSI roam that was a CTA… it would be this one!! DANK FRAGS GUARANTEED!

share this video far and wide amongst the community!

ShrinkWrapped should be feared by all in NEW EDEN!

• In-game Public channel - “EBWF public”
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