Spectre Fleet's & Friends Ganked 500

o7 Capsuleers who are keen on blowing stuff up in space,

Spectre Fleet is commemorating their 500th Ganked fleet on saturday along with several of the other NPSI Fleet communities including;

  • Redemption Road
  • Bombers Bar
  • Spectre Fleet
  • Red Vs Blue
  • Fun Inc
  • Yarrr
    And more are signing up to attend.

There will be legends FC’ing;

  • Greygal (Redemption Road)
  • Virion Stoneshard (Spectre Fleet)
  • Damian Blackie and Anhees Tsasa (Bombers Bar)
  • Muon Neutrino (Yarrr)
  • Keacte (Fun Inc)

CCP developers, GMs and ISD will also be joining NPSI fleets to fly alongside you so if you want some of that sweet sweet CCP Frozen Corpse be sure to attend!

For details about voice comms, fleet doctrines/ship fittings and any other info you’ll find it all on
Spectre Fleet Discord - Spectre Fleet

Spectre Fleet is supplying 50 billion worth in prizes and explodables, with several organised (and disorganised!) fights planned with good friends from around New Eden.
Everyone is invited to join regardless of skill level, so fleet up and join the celebration!


Pew pew on saturday june 5th at 18:00 UTC.

Spectre fleet’s Website: www.spectre-fleet.space

Discord: discord.gg/DPFe9qw

Ingame channel: ‘SF Spectre Fleet’

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/virionstoneshard

For more info -


Super excited to have FUN inc included within this - thanks to SF for including us! <3

If you fancy fighting with an underdog - if pinging grid and fight outnumbered is your thing - if striking at the heart of a fleet and killing targets of opportunity is your thing… you should hop onto FUN inc discord and get into our fleet on Saturday!!

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Absolutely can’t wait! This has been a long time coming, and we’re all super excited to make it one hell of an explosion-filled night!

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Bombersbar is really happy to be invited!
For everyone who wanna experience what BB feels like and do something completely different than bombers, you know the group on Saturday!
Igc:’’ Bombers Bar’’

Thank you for that event Spectre Fleet! :smiley:

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