Red vs Blue "Open Warfare" Public Fleet Event Thursday @2000


RvB is hosting a NPSI fleet with one hosted by Red Federation and one by Blue Republic simultaneously, with the goal of shooting each other then possibly going out for a roam jointly.

If you would like to come, hop into channel “R-V-B” around 1930-2030 and x up for either fleet. Both fleets will base in Airaken 5 Moon 1 SOE Bureau, but will depart separately. Red Federation FC has requested Shield Vexors with Scythe Support, Blue Republic FC has requested Rail Moas with Osprey Support, however all races of frigates, dessies, and cruisers will be welcome.

We will have some market stock and ships to sell, and will pay you back the cost after you lose it, if you do, as SRP (prefits only, or similar meta/T2 fits). For round 2 we will repeat comps or scale the same down to kitchen sink Destroyers and Frigates, then if we have time, go on a friendly little NPSI roam.

We would love your feedback as we fine tune this idea, so again, T1 cruisers will be sold, and the value paid back to you after fleet if you lose it. We would love to hear from you after the event to see what you did or didn’t like to implement in the future, as this is going to become a regularly hosted event. Come prepared to kill and die, safety not assured, but action guaranteed.

We will be using our public server on mumble, details for that will be in fleet.

TLDR: When: Thurs, May 31 @2000 Where: Airaken for Formup Comms: Mumble X UP: R-V-B Channel In game Comps: Rail Moas + Ospreys (BLUE) vs Shield Vexors + Scythes (RED)

You may request a specific side (Red or Blue) to stay as a group or to fly the ships you are capably of flying.

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