Public Nano Roam To Support Plex For Good

So this Friday January 24th I will be running a public roam to help raise awareness about plex for good as well as raise donations for the event. The roam will take place at 5pm PST or 1:00 EVE time technically saturday the 25th for you euros, with possibly a roam earlier depending on my schedule. Form up will be jita 4-4

Discord for roam:

The fleet will consist of kitchen sink nano frigs, dessies, cruisers and battlecruisers. We dont use battleships on roams as we frequently use thera. If you have questions about fits we have an advice and fitting section in my discord where the community can help you out.

Roam will be streamed!
Watch MD5LKTR with me on Twitch!

FYI: we are roaming null sec so unfortunately theres no way to assist people that are a victim of the blue donut. The space we roam will be decided based off fleet comp and thera connections on the day of the roam so unfortunately theres no way to let you know ahead of time if we are roaming blue space.

I hope to see a lot of new pilots in fleet and get you all exploded in glorious battle!