Public Fleets Announcements [Puffin Squads]

We will organise public roams regularly from Kheram, 22:00 EVE time in Arty-thrashers - and advertise it here too, from time to time. Be there, bring friends, have fun! The roam is newbie friendly and perfect, if you want to get a basic intro on what fleets are all about…

You can find fits and infos on how we roll on our blog!

Blog: Dragon fleets fits - meet the Thrasher!

Blog: Whale Fleets fits - meet the Gnosis!

Puffin Squads: How we roll

Puffin Squads: The first Deployment


@everyone 2018.03.27 - Arty thrasher fleet form-up will start in Kheram at 22:00h - be there, have fun, bring friends!

2018-03-28 Arty thrasher fleet form-up will start in Kheram at 22:00h [if we are enough, there will be a pre-form fleet at around 20:00h] - be there, have fun, bring friends!


You always wanted to try out roleplay in EVE, you want to go on a fun roam?

We are joining a public roleplaying fleet tonight at 18:00 from Kheram to see for ourselves, if this is something we want to do in EVE - we want to invite everyone interested to join in - the more the merrier!

18:00 EVE
Frigs Dessies




As we from Puffin Squad! want to try out the different playstyles we will be dedicating one of our public roams to roleplay.

We will have people from CVA there and we invite all other RP groups to come along too to tell us about their in-game and out of game personas…

We will compile a list of RP groups after the event… so if you can’t come but want to be included, just post in the comments!

Join in the fun: Kheram, 18:00 EVE, Frigs Dessies Kitchensink (26.04.2018)

06.05.2018 - 19:00 EVE - Kheram - Public Provi Roam - Frigs n Dessies

[Thursday 7th June 2018 - 18:45] Alhira_K - Kitey Cruisers & fast warping BCs (some are available at Jita +% in staging system off contracts.)

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