WAFFLES Public Roam! You're Invited!

(mack trucker) #1

We will be bringing back our old public roams for those interested in fleet PVP that may or may not be too sure if it’s their thing.

Details for the first one of the New Year are as follows!

Date: 10 January 2019
Time: 21:00 EVE Time
Location: Meet up in Kinakka

Details: Alphas welcome. Ships will be provided until they run out. Feel free to bring your own navy comet, pontifax, heretic or whatever you prefer to fly. Don’t forget your Police Skin for the Coment! :slight_smile:

Comms will be posted in MOTD of the fleet.

:shuffleparrot: 250M SP Returning PVP Pilot
Over 100 mil pilot looking for pvp corp
WAFFLES IS RECRUITING Low sec/Null sec PVP Pilots!