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Hi, I’m Mad Librarian (MadLib) from Puffin Squads, home of the underdogs. We pillage for the oppressed!

Puffin Squads organises public fleets - and now we also opened our corps as a transitional home for old and new players - alphas are welcome! So if you know any returning players, alts or alphas who want to slowly get (back) into the game, point them to our corp. The Corp will be there as a stable home to park chars, hang out, do EVE stuff and provide the backbone to organise it all.

So how do we roll? We organise along deployments where we try to support the underdogs in conflicts by running public fleets into the regions. This means that people will join for a deployment and - if they like the region and the alliances we support - perhaps stay with them when we move on to the next. That is also why you will find recruiters and people that atm are shooting back on our discord. Those not participating in a deployment are naturally also happy to stay on in Corp.

First Deployment was Providence during the station changes! Check out the shocking deployment vid… and the info on staging and fits.

Recent Deployment: At the moment we mostly are found joining NPSI fleets (Spectre, Bomber’s Bar…) to train and experiment (as one can easily see from our killboard), as it has gotten a bit quiet and we were too occupied to produce moar quality recruitment videos…

You want to know more? I woud be happy to get a crazy bunch of people together to run it with. We want to have fun playing EVE and reduce the management stuff to the bare minimum. Just shoot me an eve-mail, if you want to join! You can also join our public Discord or in-game channels PuffinPublic and PuffinFleets and get more info on our blog puffinsquad blogspot com.

Cheers and happy hunting,


Returning Player, industry/exploration focused 98 mill sp
Looking for EUTZ corporation to call home
New pilot looking for corp
Newbro looking for a corp!
Old miner with no time looking for new corp
Returning player looking for new home (Industry based)
Looking for a corporation
New Player looking for Corp to help learn and earn
46M SP & I want to learn PVP
Old player coming back, LF new home!
Newbie looking for corp!
100 mil + Toon with multiple 100mil + alts seeks corp
40M SP Fairly New to game looking for corp
Old newb looking for corp
Returning Player
Looking for active CORP
Looking for new home
Looking for good corp
Returning player Looking for new home :)
New Player Looking for Noob friendly Corp
New player looking for mining/exploration/industry corp
16.2mil SP HAC/HIC/Recon character + wife
~122mil char Looking for laid back Low/Null sec corp for PvE, exploration, and possibly PvP later on
Very very new player
Home Found - Thank you: Returning player looking for a new home for 2 chars and another player
Returning player looking for small corp/mentors
100M SP / 102M SP [EU] Looking for a home in empire
Returning player seeking solid offers
Returning player looking for a new home
Experienced Player Looking For PvE Opportunity, Open to Sov/Renter Situation
Returning Player looking for a new home
Returning player looking for a home
180mil + Looking For Corp
[Found, thanks !] Miner searching corporation [Minmatar] [RP]
Old pilot rejoining eve
Returning player looking for a home
Looking a Corporation
New old player LF 0.0 only
Old returner looking for pve corp
Returning pilot looking to have fun
Looking for group of new players to get to know and learn with
Returing AUTZ Pilot, 66 mil SP, Looking to join 0.0
New player looking for a home
Im all alone....:( 42,257,047 SP pilot looking for active corps
Old player/newb
Coming back to EVE. Looking for a RL friendly corp
70 mil sp player looking for NS corp
Returning Player Looking for New Corp
Lost at Winning Eve, looking for a fresh start & a new home
Adopt me. 80m SP returning WH pilot
Looking for euro nullsec pve
Fresh alpha clone
Wanting to come back looking for a corp
Ooops, I did it again... Looking for newsib friendly corp
New player - Looking for some industry friends
Newbieish pilot looking for new home
Looking for a corp, preferably PvP
Returning player looking for PVP EUTZ (106M SP)
Returning player looking for UK/EU corp. 81mil SP
Uk returning player looking for active corp
UK based returning player looking for mining/indy/lvl4-5 mission
50m sp combat/cap pilot with alts lf sov 0.0 pvp
Returning player looking for corp
Casual player looking for corp
Looking for long term null home for 2 accounts
Returning Player 180+ mil SP Looking for active Corp / Alliance in PST
70 mil sp returning vet looking for a home
80 mil sp returning vet with 63 mil sp BLOPs/Carrier alt and 30 mil Rorq alt looking for active PVP/BLOPs group
120 mill sp character looking for a new home
26M SP Player looking for new home being gone a decade?!?!
17 mil SP New Player Looking for USTZ Corp
100mill+ SP pilot returning after 3 years looking for a WH corp
47m SP, just resubbed after a long break
Casual player LF high/low sec corp - Asia TZ
6 Years Returning Player Looking For Corp
Kinda New Player looking to join noob friendly Corp
EU 36 mil sp Pilot Looking for a Corporation
184m SP EU Player
Happy plz delete
120m SP Returning to game Looking for EU tz Small Gang PvP
Looking for corporation
Looking for Indy corp
Industry Pilot looking for home
60m SP toon returning after long break
Looking for pvp corp. 60+ mill sp
Returning newbie searches for corporation
Returning player looking for corp
Returning player looking for 0.0 Corp
53mil sp main, 3 accounts total, looking for casual nullsec corp
160m SP Returning Bittervet seeking ISK and Explosions
Newbie Player looking for a Corporation
Returning Pilot Looking for PvE Corp
Looking for a place to lay my hat
Experienced player looking for a growing corp
Returning/New player looking for Corp
Indy character looking for new home
46.7M Pilot - LF a Corps PVE / Mining / Industry
115+mil sp player looking to return
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
50m+ PvP Player returning after 6 years
PvP orientated player- 110Mil sp LF null
Aggressively incompetent space pirate looking for home
Alpha Newbro Looking for Casual Corp (possibly Australian Timezone)
125mil sp returning pilot looking for eu tz low sec pvp
Looking for Corp PVE only to start
Independent EVE Rebely
PVP'er Looking to get back in to game
80M SP returning player looking for blops
Returning 110M SP Pilot looking for 0.0 ally
115mil mostly Indy toon looking for home. Back from 3 year break
5m SP Miner LF Nul Primary Mining Group
Returning PVP Player looking for a home
& year break from EVE looking for Nice Corp
13mill sp focused carrier pilot lf 0.0 pve/pvp
Returning 35m SP player looking for Corp
50mil sp pvp focused subcap pilot Looking for pewpew
135m SP Character + more just take look, needs a home
84 mil sp Looking for new corp
That hard to find a corp close to asia tz?
Looking for a corp with a legitimately mature culture
Looking for a clean slate in EVE (Returning Player)
Returning 70 Mil sp player thinking of coming back to eve
Returning Noob with 21.7sp
48m sp looking for decent Indy/manu corp
Returning player. 73mil and 2 110 mil toons
86.5m SP character looking for a new home
Returning Pilot (2 Chars)
Returning 136M SP Character Looking for a community
92m sp PVP pilot looking to come back into the fold
54+ mill sp freighter pilot / miner LF - Manufacturing - Mining - Research - Ratter
New pilot looking to learn
80Mil+ SP player looking for a corp
77 million SP Pilot Needs New Home
23 mil pilot lookin for a us based corp
Returning player LF Corp
Miner looking for a home
X- PVP'r getting back in to game
Looking for a chill group who’ll accept an old timer
Looking for new home. 225mil + sp
Returning player LF corp
Looking for industry corp
Two brothers returning to Eve again
Returning Player 13.25M SP (Exploration, PvP, PvE)
69 Mill SP Pilot Looking For Null Sec Home
Looking for GMT +8 Corp to come back for EVE
80m SP PvP toon LF EU PvP focused lowsec/WH corp
Looking to join Indy Corp
Mostly inactive player looking for freinds
109 Mill SP LF Corp
Found a home 80mill toon looking for a home
106 million sp toon lf HS home
Old new player looking for something... smallish SOLVED!
Looking for a corp to hang with (Mining, PVE, PVP)
102 mil sp Super & Titan pilot looking for a new Home In Null
Returning player since 2004 looking for 0.0 PVP
Returning PVP/PVE player looking for new forever home
Returning player from 2011 in need of Corp
(Mad Librarian) #2

Links to all the stuff mentioned above:

(Mad Librarian) #3

AND as bumping is boring without a little new stuff, here our secret battle plan from our first roam as bonus content… some might have experienced similar stuff…

(Mad Librarian) #4

We will announce our public fleets on the forums, too! Be there, bring friends, have fun! The roam is newbie friendly and perfect, if you want to get a basic intro on what fleets are all about…

Looking for a corp (SOLVED)
(Mad Librarian) #5

Some more info to bump the post and offer some good content in the process:

The 8 golden rules of EVE for newbies - extended with r/eve-wisdom - check it out!

(Mad Librarian) #6

Content bump: EVE Out of Game Tools for Capsuleers [Puffin Squad Blog]

(Mad Librarian) #7

…and another guide, this time on Ratting, as one of our corpies got ganked in low sec: THE JOYS OF RATTING IN LOW-SEC.

(Mad Librarian) #8

…and where there is a guide on ratting, there always has to be one on mining - so check out our overview on mining with links to guides: Shoot those roids - a guide to mining in EVE Online.

(Mad Librarian) #9

We want YOU for Puffin Squads!

(Mad Librarian) #10

One thing to also look out for are the academic articles about EVE, that sometimes pop up: EVE Online Studies!

(Rev Sullivan) #11

Hello, ive reactivated my account to play eve again. my main character is sitting at 55million mostly spread between combat skills such as drones, gunnery, shield, armour, etc as i when i was active a few years ago i did mostly faction warfare. i also have a 17.5 million alt character that i was building up to fly orcas for mining fleets when i was working on university at the time. im hoping to return and find a new home and i want to do new stuff that isn’t just factionwarare button spinning.

(Mad Librarian) #12

Hey @Rev_Sullivan! Let’s talk on our discord! Cheers, MadLib

(Mad Librarian) #13

…and as a service to our community we want to inform players with this bump that part of the fanfest 2018 roundtables were recorded by Puffin Squads… stay tuned, they get cut now and released together with the other recordings!

(Mad Librarian) #14

Like academic articles…? have links to some…? Please also post them here so we can add them to our EVE Online Studies Category on the Puffin Squads Blog!

(Mad Librarian) #15

And one more article on our blog:


(Mad Librarian) #16

We did have fun in a public roam when we tried out roleplaying fleets!… was fun, we will try to do this more often - fleets start normally from Kheram, 18:00-20:00 EVE.

(Mad Librarian) #17

A great - and short - post for day-old newbies on how to land in New Eden has just been published on our blog. Check it out!

(Mad Librarian) #18

If you made it down to this post, definitly also check out the Clear Skies EVE Fan-Movies… great stuff!

(Mad Librarian) #19

…oh and look for EVE Parodies on soundcloud… great EVE songs there…

(Mad Librarian) #20

Puffin Squads presents… the best EVE Parody Songs…