Brawl for Bushfires - Friday 17 January 1130 EVE Time

When: Friday 17th January @ 1130 UTC

Your local time: 2020-01-17T11:30:00Z

Where: Nalvula

Brawl for Bushfires is a charity event being held by the AUTZ community in support of the Plex for Good Campaign announced by CCP. The event will take place on Friday 17th after downtime and will be streamed live.

How to get involved


EVE players can contract PLEX in-game to the character CCP PLEX for GOOD and the real-world monetary value of all PLEX collected will be donated by CCP to the Icelandic Red Cross at the conclusion of the campaign on behalf of EVE Online players. The Icelandic Red Cross will ensure that the donated money is delivered to their counterparts in the Australian Red Cross where it will then be deployed to aid their humanitarian efforts in bushfire affected areas.

To obtain PLEX to donate, players can:

  • Purchase PLEX from the EVE Online website
  • Transfer PLEX they may already have in their PLEX vault
  • Purchase PLEX from the in-game market with ISK


Brawl for Bushfires discord:

In game channel: “Brawl for Bushfires”

To participate in the brawl all you need is a ship and a healthy love for some PVP. The recommended shiptype for this event is the humble battlecruiser, so YES! You can bring your drake. All shiptypes are welcome, however when choosing your ship please keep in mind that this is a charity event for all players new and old.

The brawl will take place in Nalvula at Planet 1. The easiest way to prepare for the event is to buy your ship/s in Jita and get them over to the high security system Vuorrassi which sits next to Nalvula then on Friday you can jump into Nalvula and head to the planet.

Make sure you join the in game channel “Brawl for Bushfires” on the night for instructions.


Get the message out to your alliance and corporation friends and bring them along for the ride. Retweet, upvote and most importantly donate what you can to the cause.


You are “for” bushfires? You monster.:blush:

If it was a saturday i could join, but ill be heading to work at that time.


Will be in attendance.

I’m in! :australia:


Hello… :wink:

I wish you a lot of happiness. :wink: tell me. why are throwing me into dead space your isd and isd bh? wat? wat? :wink: to test server? :wink: sorry english google translate. :wink:

sooo, I’m planning on being there (in a rather expensive ship) but I have some friends who want to come but the Friday date is really hard given that this is already out of their TZ.

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I’m coming to hug you in particular :stuck_out_tongue:


Just for your information: Last time (during the Luminaire Snowball Fight event) he was flying a titan. :wink:


I mean, my ship has 0 dps… Just a crap load of fireworks

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So is it just a free for all? What’s the deal. How does my ship exploding help with bushfire? just not sure how it works.

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It’s a charity event, we will be promoting plex for good and have a number of other things planned for the night. Best way to find out more it to attend :smiley:


Shame about the timing on this one, crashes right into a protest against our scummy government that let things get this bad… otherwise I’d totally bring something tanked up to shoot at. XD (Or something, depends what’s fitting for the specific event format.)

I be more then happy to come and pew pew.
:australia: :australia: :australia: :australia:

That was awesome! My killboard will take a while to recover and I think I crashed the market for my frozen corpses but I had a great time. Thanks for organising this, AUTZ! :fist_right: :fist_left:


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