Your NPSI communities need you!

Your NPSI communities need you!

Our backend in current dev has NPSI fully in mind. Our goal remains the same ~ An NPSI PvP HUB.
A place where all NPSI communities are equally represented in a central location for the purpose of giving the public community members access to the vast content.

  • We have an integrated calendar system that unites all of Eves NPSI PVP with the ability to post on any discord.
  • An interlaced doctrine system for public view and FC creation
  • Feedback forms for FCs with BR and Media uploading
  • NPSI Youtube /streaming content integration
  • FC/Community profiles with stats and leaderboards
  • SRP systems
  • Full admin / management dashboard
  • Easy public PvP role - discord integration with skill-check (logi commander, bubbler, hunter ETC.)

These are some of the functions we currently have in our new system, our call for help is related to design.
What experience we are looking for;

  • HTML/Javascript
  • Django templating experience would be preferable however, other frame templating skills will likely easily transfer.

We need help turning our functionality into a gorgeous representation of NPSI and its vast information in a graphicly simple but esthetic way. If you think you have the skills please contact high command or our teach lead @Tech - Deathzor on our community discord.

I’ve been meaning to write something for this kind of thing, for quite some time now. Which is why I have

However, I’ve not gone back to it recently, and it’s not even an MVP right now. If you’re interested, I can probably throw over the domain. Or shove up a redirect.

(don’t try and buy you’ll end up with someone hounding you for the rest of time to buy it for several hundred dollars, if not more. Even when you explain you were only interested from a hobby perspective, and will not spend that much.)

ooo nice domain Steve. Good on your to hold it. Hope this can turn out to be a good aquisition for them.

@BearThatCares you’ve done Django unchained code before right? I think I’ve seen you chat about it some.

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We have most of it done, just need someone to come make it look pretty.

He is the original DEV, our work is based on his Django management system. Great dude, its a shame he couldnt stay on to help us.

Still looking.

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