Help [NPSI] Small gang fleet community grow


I created this NPSI [Not Purple Shoot It] group for pilots who want to do small gang fleets in null-sec staging from Jita.

Max fleet number will be 10 pilots and all roles will be covered (DSP-Logi-Tackle-Anti Tackl-Anti support).

Fleet form-up times will be fixed soon.

  • Flying low sp fits.
  • Always friendly.
  • Pilots are rewarded after finishing a mercenary contract of 15 Mill per hour plus an equal share of all loot.
  • Fun and training fleets are available.
  • Types of mercenary contracts are system capturing, system traffic blocking, system camping, structure bashing, ship destroying, krabs harassing, ESS bank robbing.

In-game channel: Mercenaries Fleet
Discord Server: Mercenaries Fleet

Hi there

Why don’t you just join us.

We g
Have our own alliance and we do more or less the same ad you.

We are 100% independent operating from venal.

We are focused into blops, cloaky camping and brawls;)


I used to know you from PH. we FCed together.
how about this counter offer :D, You join me doing those NPSI fleets staging from Jita going to null-sec.