**Returning Low SP Active ** But still very 🆕

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I started in eve 12/20/2020 I quickly fond Eve Uni corp and there site with tons of info, but although very helpful with info, the constant war and confusion about what is safe, I pretty much stayed in a station and just trained skills, while playing another game. Logging now and then to do skills.

I finial came back (10/16/2021) to the same thing and decided to leave Eve Uni . I’m a active US player and like combat, most just PvE missions I have not PvPed but not opposed to it.

Atm I am at 4,320,000 Sp and Gallente , use DIscord, Older, so Mature,

I am looking for a corp that is a community not just a bunch of members.

Hi there,

ISK.Industries are always recruiting and would be happy to have you join up us. You can message me in-game or join our public discord channel to chat more. ISK.Enterprises

Look forward to chatting with you. Fly safe o7


Hey social infrastructure love to have you. We have will skill pilot and veterans alike in the corporation. We’ll have out and roll sack like to PVP but do some PVE to make the isk. We have a free frigate hanger for all players for all players and training fleets to get you up to speed if needed.

Our discord Stay Feral

Hello m8, well u wont find more of a comunity than the Anti-Pirate comunity… have a look here… The Police Force

We will get you through all u need to make a difference for the good people in New Eden…

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Hey Devine,

We would be happy to have you reach out to us here at Brewmaster Armada when you’re available. We can help answer any questions you might have to see if we might be a good fit.

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