Former solo/small gang player looking for a casual Nullsec life

As I have been pvp intensively last year, I would like to try a relatively casual EVE game style.

The main character has 100m SP, as two alts with abut 30m SP. None of them can pilot caps. Have experience in small fleet FC and can try to organize small scale local defense.

Prefer convienient local market

our local market is growing but we’re also not far from jita. Check us out of you want :slight_smile:

We might fit the bill. Amarr market hub just 10 jumps from our Null-sec territory via High-sec access point.

Hey dude! War Eagle Fleet is about as chill as null corps go. We have a great group of dudes across US/EUTZs and can punch above our weight when we need to. Come check us out and app up!

Check us out by clicking the ad below and if your interested jump onto our discord for a chat! We would love you talk to you.


Have lookise

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