Catch your ride and hop on the Short Bus


Short Bus Buccaneers

Euro based (but open to anyone) NPSI / Casual / Fun Nightdweller Corp

sh0rt is recruiting!

-Access to nullsec ratting and mining
-Access to wormhole PvE and industry
-Every willing member can contribute to content creation
-Corp internal Logistics program for nullsec upkeep

Having fun and real life will always come first in this corporation.
We are Shiftworkers and Nightdwellers with the current core of the corp based in germany but open to everyone.
Right now, anyone who joins has the chance to contribute to content creation since we are so small and need it :P.
The alliance has access to a wormhole.
Corp and Alliance also have Spectre Fleet FCs of varying skill levels. Taking part in all the different NPSI Communitys isn’t only possible but highly encouraged for members of this corporation and alliance.

We are not turning away newbros, but since we define ourselves as after-work-hours corp we probably aren’t they best corp to get trained in. However, we should be interesting for returning players looking for a relaxed time and plenty of targets all over New Eden.

Join our Discord and have a look at the recruitment channel to see who to ping or just say say hello to us in there

Also see our Code of Conduct, Goals and Corp Structure Info:

We had a fun NPSI roam and killed 3 Bill flying raptors.
The other day one of our newer members offered a new bro friendly frigate roam that ended up as a frigate duo taking on a fight being outnumbered 3:1 and still killed 2 of them before they died.

Hop on the Short bus, get your lunch kit and be a part of the class

we are still going. Recruitment is hard under a wardec though. We hope to have this situation solved soon. I know at least one specific guy from the group that has us deced is reading, i wanna say hi to you:

Hello! :stuck_out_tongue:
No hard feelings bois’n’gurls, getting suicided by alts so safe your hauler was fun tbh

Raptors going stronk.
Let’s see if tonights public roam can top that or if we all die in a fire and dine in valhalla.
You are totally invited :slight_smile:

Edit: See discord link in the event linked above

Before mentioned wardec is about to drop.
The public roam ended up with a lost fight against some dudes living close to us and one of our newbros landing he very first hard tackle on a target.
We keep growing and learning as a group

another one joined the bus
another one joined the bus

aaaaaand - oh no more recruits? Come on in guys, there is still empty seats

having a real life can really suck. Much to do at work.
We got access to nullsec again for making money. catch your ride :slight_smile:

we got access to nullsec again and got rid of wardecs for now.

NPSI life, best life

corp is still growing. good numbers right now. Signing off for the rest of the week due to real life but if you’re interested don’t hesitate to ping in discord, we will work something out

Bump for a great dude!

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thanks Keacte!

back from the holidays, NPSI was wild over the last 2 weeks. We still got room for pilots :slight_smile:

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Ping a ling a ding dong!

still recruiting btw.

Bump for a good dude!

we’re still here, things are going great :slight_smile:
Still got room for more great people

Le bump!

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