Short Bus Syndicate

Short Bus Syndicate is Recruiting

Looking for a possible alliance or corp? Short Bus Syndicate, which is a member of the Cringe Coalition, is based on small and medium level content fleets. All players have a role here with a common interest in living and operating in Sov Nullsec. We do push fleets for both PVE and PVP Content of different types. New and Returning players are welcome as long as they understand getting accepted isn’t 100% depending on the interview and character check. What we offer:

  • Experienced Leadership
  • Active Comms (Discord)
  • Mature but funny laid back gaming culture
  • Dedicated Low-cost JF Service
  • Alliance and Coalition fleets for content.
  • Buyback programs
  • SRP For Alliance level fleet operations
  • PVE Operations for players to enjoy.
  • Alliance goals for all to take part in and help complete.
  • FC’s to help with knowledge on PVE & PVP Fleets.
  • Access to efficient stations
  • Low tax planetary industry
  • Moon Mining
  • Different types of Ratting
  • Local Market and Contracts
  • Blops Fleet Content.
  • Roam Fleet Content.
  • Capital Fleet Content.
  • Coalition Scale Fleet Content.

Application Requirements:

  • Players with a sense of humor and can vibe with us
  • English Speaking
  • Discord and able to get on Discord Voice
  • All characters must join the alliance unless approved.
  • Be Active and participate in the alliance.
  • Full ESI Required on all accounts and characters
  • The want to train and have capitals.
  • Ability to follow FCs of the fleet.
  • Having fun and leaving the stress at the door because a gamers life is awesome!

In-game channel to join for information: Tyrant’s Pub

Discord to join: Short Bus Syndicate - Gaming Community

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