High Sec Incursion Corp

Welcome to a well established High Sec Incursion running corp. Want to start averaging around 200-300m LIQUID isk per hour? Time to make some money with that unused alt while your main pvps? Look no further!

Currently we fly in WTM Incursion HQ fleets and follow the focuses around making ISK all day every day.

We have some great benefits to offer,

FULL Ship Replacement Program cheaper than Incursion SRPS (10m covers up to 10b)
Startup Help to get into Incursion Ships
Thorough training on being effective in fleets
Upgrade Program to help maximize isk per hour
Next to no tax!!
No structures so you never have to worry about wardec
Amazing Recruitment Incentives. Earn 150m Per recruit you bring into corp that starts running sites!

Feel free to contact me in or out of game and start maximising your isk now!




bumpage, fleets running strong everyday!



letss gooo

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